Friday Top 5: My WoW 2011

The top 5 is a day late this week. Replaced the Hard Drive in my laptop only to discover the set of backup discs I made…well, one was deemed “blank” so I’m on a full restoration of my system. Whee….anyway, 2011 was an interesting year for me in terms of the game, which included a fairly lengthy break at the beginning of the year, some guild members leaving and some new ones joining. So what were the five things I will remember most as we head into a near year?

5. Choppers For Everyone
This is something I debated on for quite some time before finally pulling the trigger…four days before I needed them. I decided to give each officer in the guild a Mekgineer’s Chopper for Christmas. Finding someone able to do it for me was surprisingly quick. They even refused to be tipped! He agreed to the vendor mats price, and I’d supply the rest. No big deal since an auction player like myself has plenty. Except for Titansteel. I farmed the crap out of that every night after work, whether it was Titanium or Saronite (which I transmuted). I got lucky when someone listed a stack of 12 for incredibly cheap (the exact amount you need for the bike).  I had all 5 bikes with a full day to spare (one for Tumunzahar).  I wrapped them and sent them on the 23rd, with the idea being they would login on Christmas Eve and discover them.  Well, one officer decided to log on that night.  He was floored. They all were..and they were worth every penny and then some.  Now I just have to coordinate a sweet group shot.  In the meantime, here’s Tum on his. 

4. Tanking
For those of you who do it, you’re probably laughing that I consider this an accomplishment.  The thing is, I tanked a bit on my Death Knight but only with guild members, but otherwise it was the one role I wasn’t comfortable with.  People say there is pressure healing, but I always thought it was the tanking that required the most effort.  I saw it as this daunting task that I wanted no part of…and then I started doing it with my Warrior.  I love it.  I’m no expert by any stretch, but I’m getting the hang of it and I really do enjoy it.  Perhaps it’s the class (and one I hated for a long time as well) but I’m confident enough in it that I’ll queue for randoms and deal with complete strangers.  Now if non-tanks would just realize they’re dps…

3. Ulduar
You can say it’s cheating to go in and clear the place at level 85 and I completely agree with you. But, when I agreed to go a couple weeks ago it wasn’t for the achievements and what have you…it was simply because I really wanted to see the place.  Sure, I’d been Pugged to heal a few spots here and there but had never been further than the one fellow who becomes a bridge for you.  I have to say the place was as epic as I had hoped.  Not in the combat necessarily, but just in the vastness and feel and overall scope.  It made my character feel so small and that’s a feeling I miss in much of the game.

2. Joining The Bloggers
Oh sure, I’ve been blogging for some time around these parts but only to about a dozen regular readers. Most of them, bless their hearts, were friends, family, and guildmates. But once I started commenting on other blogs, participating in some community activities, and actually joining Blog Azeroth, my site took off. Not to the levels of some of my fellow digital scribes, but enough that I was overwhelmed with the attention. The recent months have made me very happy to be part of such an awesome community. Special thanks to Amerence and Saz for helping to get me involved.

1. Transmogrification
There’s probably no surprise that this came in at the top simply because of what the Top 5 has consisted of for the better part of the time since 4.3 launched. I love it, I love what I’m seeing, and it’s always at the forefront of my WoW gaming now. It was a feature I desperately wanted, and got, and I’m happily among those making the most of it (if only I could finish some of the stuff I’m working on and sharing it with you awesome people!).

What about you?  Is there any particular memories from this past year that stand out for you in World of Warcraft?

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