Clarifying The 2012

Some e-mails were sent my way regarding yesterday’s post and my rules for “The 2012.”  I thought the easiest thing to do instead of replying individually was to post them here on the chance anyone else had questions as well.

If I have more than two of a certain class, only the first two count?
Not at all. The requirement is that you have at least of each class.  You could have 14 Paladins if you see fit, and that’s perfectly fine.  All of their levels will count towards the goal.

I don’t like “X” class, what happens if I don’t level it?
As long as you have all classes represented, it doesn’t matter what level they get to. You could have two Priests level 1 and two Warlocks level 1. As long as your total is 2012, the combination is not important.

So I don’t have to get as many as possible to 85?
Not at all. I merely used 85’s as an example in calculating progress right off the bat. You could get 40 toons to 50 (or vice-versa) and there’s 2000 levels right there. There’s no requirement to have one (or more) 85’s.

Hopefully that helps sort things out a bit better.  As for me, I tacked some levels onto several toons yesterday and I think I’m just over 840 levels so far!

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