4 comments on “Love Your Thorium

  1. The Alliance set goes pretty high Hordie side as well. I netted quite a hand of gold last week selling helms alone and someone listed the Alliance crested shield for 1g which I flipped for 200.

    But yeah, the competition is sparce for it on my server. And I’m looooovin it!

  2. I made a great deal of money just selling Thorium Ore/Bars (depending on which was higher in price from day to day) and Arcanite Crystals/Bars while I was doing the dailies to get the Venomhide Ravasaur — the character I was doing it with was a miner, so after she’d gotten her raptor baby tooth, she’d do a circuit or two around Un’Goro and mine everything she saw.

  3. That’s also a brilliant move. I mean, you’re there anyway. Selling the raw materials is easy money as well. Again, the number of people farming Thorium compared to the number farming Elementium is night and day and sometimes the prices aren’t that far apart.

  4. @hayfayfay

    I wasn’t really sure regarding Horde side, though it does occur to me now that a Forsaken (for example) could easily be a fallen soldier of Stormwind. As for the shield, I’m amazed at how often the better looking shields are priced low.

    Also, thanks for following! 🙂

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