Friday Top 5: Transmog Maces (1H)

Friday’s here, so it’s time to continue our look at some of the best ‘Mogging gear in all of Azeroth.  This is part two of my look at maces, as last week I discussed the best two-handed “clubs.”  Today it’s the single-hand variety.  Before we take a look at the list though, several candidates for this list had to be removed (such as the Spider Splatter Mace) because according to WoWhead, they can’t be transmogrified (shenanigans Blizzard!). 

5. The Cruel Hand of Timmy is one of four weapons with this particular skin.  The easiest to obtain would be from the quest to kill Durn: The Hungerer in Nagrand (he’s been nerfed), but after that it’s probably old Timmy’s Hand in Stratholme.  It’s not an overpower mace in appearance, but great if you’ve got a Necromancer type look going or like the Twilight Cultist gear.  Also, I picked this one (though there are similar skins) because the idea of clubbing someone’s skull in with another skull mildly amuses me.  Yes, I’m an odd sort.

4. Scepter of the False Prophet makes the list for uniqueness.  It honestly looks more like a short staff than a mace.  It’s also one of those items that just doesn’t have anything else in game that compares to it.  Definitely more of a Priest or Druid type “Mace” but depending on your Transmog look it could work with anything.  Unfortunately, you have to kill C’thun and hope it drops.

3. There are several items with this model, but most players can probably get the Devout Aurastone Hammer the easiest.  Whether it’s Justice Points, Champion’s Seals, or Darkmoon Tickets, the Heirloom hammer can be snagged quite simply compared to hoping it will drop in Molten Core or The Blood Furnace.  This is my personal favourite Mace for Tumunzahar, as I love the animation that is a flame of light so to speak.

2. The Crystal Spire of Karabor is a Mace I’d never seen before, but the blue and ebon combination caught my eye immediately.  Not only does it look great, those spikes suggest you’ll be turning your target into a meat grinder victim upon impact.  Relatively speaking, you should be able to nab the Spire more easily than some items…so long as it drops.  You can get it from Illidan and usually the only thing people have on reserve is the Glaives. 

1. The Bloodskull Destroyer.  There’s a couple Maces with this skin, but this one’s the biggest and quite frankly there’s times where size matters.  The molten hot look is always a personal favourite, but the skull face on the head is one of those intimidating extra touches that suggest to me when wielded the hammer would look akin to a flaming skull as it’s swung at a target.  Visit Old Hillsbrad Foothills and kill the first boss, Lieutenant Drake, to wield this bad boy.

There you have it, five ways to bludgeon your opponents to death and look good doing it.  I tried to include a list that suited both melee and caster folk, and I think there’s a nice balance here.  So depending on what look you’re going for you might find something here for you, and if not there are certainly plenty more viable choices in the Mace category.  I know I had to take a long look at things before I could narrow this list down from 10.  Until next week!

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