Amateur Fashion Show Part One

I finally have enough complete outfits that I can actually do a worthwhile post and show some of them off.

 Tumunzahar here is holding true to his Priest roots in this garb.  I know, I know, his boots don’t match the outfit.  But, they do happen to match the staff.  Yes, I suppose I’m grasping a bit.  He doesn’t mind, honest.  You can get the full details of this look over on Tum’s page.

I knew everyone and their brother would be using Tier gear of some sense for their Rogue when Transmogrification hit.  While I have some in Siori’s bank, it wasn’t quite what I wanted.  Plus, she was wearing one of the Jungle hats at the time and I thought I’d like to build around that.  So I played around with MogIt and came up with the look you see here.  The nice thing is, that Robe dropped on my first attempt.  Here‘s all five items.

Liouxpold’s outfit turned out pretty well, though it was a secondary design.  The original outfit I had thought out for him had parts from Karazhan and Sunwell.  Once again, there was one piece of gear that was a bit difficult to come by, and that was the shoulders.  Fortunately for me, I found them in the Auction House one day and they were incredibly cheap.  While I’m enjoying the look, the components of which can be found here, I’ve already come up with another.  I just need the Black Knight to hand over his belt already in Trial of the Champions. 

Okay, so she doesn’t exactly scream “Shaman” in this outfit (let alone Restoration), but I like it.  Apparently other people do as well, because this one garners a lot of in game whispers.  I imagine it’s from some of the more stereotypical players.  I’ll tell you right now, people seem to love the Ironhide gear so this might take you some time to put together.  I’ve got the list on Carrera‘s page.

Fireflint’s outfit has been nearly the same for over a year despite the fact Transmogrification is only several months old.  I got the shoulders in the old Zul’Gurub (so you’ll need to be 85 to get the look these days) and he actually became my banker so there was really no need to worry about his gear.  I built the look entirely around the shoulders and the only thing I might change at some point is the weapon.  In the meantime, here‘s the components.

The last outfit on today’s list is mildly cheating, because it actually doesn’t involve any transmogrification at all.  If I could, I would probably keep this for Oddfodder for the entire time.  The goggles will have to change as he levels (at least until I get leather or mail ones made.  The other items will last until he hits 40 and starts wearing mail.  For now, though, he’s exactly as I imagined the character when I rolled him.  Here‘s what the outfit consists of.

2 thoughts on “Amateur Fashion Show Part One

  1. kamaliaetalia January 23, 2012 / 12:26 pm

    Oh, very nice!
    I like Tum’s outfit a lot 😀 Your Rogue looks almost Druid-ish in that robe — tricksy, tricksy! I also really like the shoulders and breastplate in Lioux’s outfit.

    • JD Kenada January 24, 2012 / 8:46 am

      I pictured being that sultry vixen at the ball. The one who shivs her target in the middle of a nice waltz.


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