2 comments on “To Arms: A Chronology

  1. This is a neat idea, I think I might try it sometime. I also just rolled a Rouge and took him into a BG recently. I did not have as much success but it was still fun. Communication is a big problem in BG, I wonder why more players don’t realize it … or maybe they don’t care.

    • Communication in battlegrounds fall into three categories:
      -amazing, and thus solid execution whether you win or lose
      -crickets chirping, which is frustrating because you’ve no idea what anyone is doing.
      -bullying, or elitist whining, where people stroke their own ego at the expense of others (you have no BoA’s, why are you in my battleground?)

      But yeah, the idea was just something I thought I’d try because for a while I was getting slaughtered and I figured I could present that in an amusing light…and then low and behold I actually had two great battlegrounds.

      Oh, and just a tiny peeve of mine…it’s Rogue. Unless you really did roll some makeup and try to “drag” your way through the bg….which, while amusing, certainly wouldn’t be successful. 🙂

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