Friday Top 5: Transmog Guns

Hopping back to Hunters for today, I thought I’d look at the firearms side of things.  I say Hunters because come Mists of Pandaria they’ll be the only ones with a ranged weapon slot.  So while you’re welcome to ‘Mog your gear now, keep in mind the slot will likely be gone by year’s end (Hunter melee weapons fall under the same idea).  While I often use the simplest of firearms on my “gun” Hunters, there are some really great ones out there.

5. Envoy of Mortality looks like a spinal column from one of the nasty creatures we encountered in Wrath.  Hard to say which one, but the design is unique.  It also makes one second guess charging the Hunter courtesy of the dual bayonettes.  The Envoy drops from Kel’Thuzad in the regular 25-man Naxxramas.  As you can see by the picture, it goes great with a Forsaken.

4. Okay, so it might look like it’s out of a Nerf commercial, or Ratchet & Clank, but the Wrathfire Hand-Cannon is still interesting.  Stand it upright and it could be a vaccuum.  Point it at someone and you’ve got five barrels blasting.  If Gnomes could be Hunters (and not eaten by their pet), this would probably be my weapon of choice.  It’s fun looking, but suggests it will turn you into a crater in one fell boom.  It drops from Grandmaster Vorpil in Shadow Labyrinth.

3. The Gunblade actually shares a model with several others in the game, but I went with it for the color combination.  I happen to think it stands out the most on one of the sleeker looking guns (again, complete with bayonette).  Whether you use this one, or a similar gun (such as the Legion Blunderbuss), it looks its best when carried alongsider a Ravager pet.  The Legion Blunderbuss drops in Blood Furance, while the Gunblade is a BoE.  I see it in the Auction House all the time.

2. Dragonbreath Hand Cannon doesn’t really need a description, does it?  I mean, someone mounted a Demon’s eye onto a dragon’s head and put a trigger on it.  Not quite, but it’s not a stretch when looking at it and to me that screams “bad ass.”  You’d have to think any time you go up against a dragon, you’ll draw its attention with this.  If you’re packing heavy firearms, there’s not much better to work with.  If this is your style, you can loot it from Ebonroc in Blackwing Lair.

1. Speaking of packing heavy firearms, the Widebarrel Flintlock is about as heavy as you can get without being over the top.  I mean, someone chained a cannon to a rifle stock.  Personally, I’m betting on a dwarf.  That’s the kind of thing they do.  If you’re a Hunter, brought in to throw down damage, packing your own personal cannon tells everyone just how well you do it.  Not much good came from the Trial of the Crusader, but that’s where you’ll findthis as it drops from Fjola Lightbane.

There are actually a fair number of guns in the game, and I give the developers credit for having a diverse enough selection (compared to some items).  If none of the ones on here today suit your fancy, there’s always other options.  As well, don’t forget that the Ranged slot is currently the only slot in game where the item you’re mogging doesn’t have to match the item you’re mogging it to.  That means you can put a gun over a bow, or crossbow over a gun for example.  It gives you more choice to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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