7 comments on “Repairing Professions

  1. I can’t think of anything I’d want to specifically change in the professions other than what you’ve listed. The daily quest idea is something that would definitely be great.

    I like the idea of a quest to obtain an epic pattern as well, since not everyone raids on every character with every professions, nor is willing to pay 10-20k gold for the recipes on AH. It would be nice with some other options.

    Part of me wishes there was a way to “upgrade” patterns as patches hit as well. I like what they did with the PvP starter gear that you can craft, and how it will become better each patch so that you can get a “decent” starting set for PvP. You won’t be awesome, but at least you won’t be one-shot. I kind of wish there was something similar for a PvE starting set. Something to get you from quest greens to the ilevel needed to go into Heroics. (Especially in MoP where there won’t be any non-Heroic top level dungeons.)

  2. I love professions, I used to do all of them on every character, yes, even fishing, lol.

    I was a little sad that I’ve finally given up on First Aid as I haven’t had to use a bandage in years.

    I love your list, I’d be happy if they even did five of them. I know Blizzard has a lot of work to do every expansion but please, oh please, at least a profession daily and an epic recipe quest! Pretty please!

  3. @ Saga
    It will be interesting to see what happens come Mists, as to my understanding resilience is being removed from the game (or at least, last I heard) and thus gear is gear so to speak. Either way, you’re absolutely right regarding the “upgrade” idea.

    @ Tomeof theancients
    I have never done First Aid on any toon. My Death Knights have it by default, but I’ve never bothered with it otherwise. I like some of the changes they made to it, but the game has no necessity for it.

  4. What a great post! That is a great list of improvements! I’m gonna have to link it this weekend 🙂 And I agree about those dailies… JCs have one, why can’t enchanters have one? And tailors? I always feel like I miss out, and I really like doing dailies (ok shoot me now I’m crazy)

  5. @Navimie
    Actually, I could’ve sworn Enchanting dailies were supposed to come in Cataclysm. I guess that’s one of those things that just didn’t make it to the final product. But, yes, all prof dailies are long overdue.

  6. I love these ideas. Along with the dailies, for each profession, can we make them also have some sort of a token for getting the good patterns? (Like JC) I know it’s a grind, but I’d rather grind out tokens than farm or buy the mats for purchasing the patterns.

    For fixing skinning – buff the thing that drops volatiles, and move being able to merge lower level leather into higher level leather to skinning (from leatherworking) maybe give it a skillup like smelting does for miners. And let them split the leathers down, too.
    Maybe make it so that if 5 light leather = 1 medium leather, 1 med leather = 4 light leather, so that it’s not necessarily beneficial to store in stacks of the highest level. Also, make it possible to convert leather across expansions… so it might take 10,000 leather scraps to make one MoP max-level leather, but it can be done!

    • The tokens idea is a good one, though I wasn’t adverse to the system using things like Arctic Fur as a currency for recipes. I think a balance where it isn’t all one way or the other is what would work best.

      The skinning idea is interesting. From a logistics standpoint, it still seems like something a leatherworker would do (unlike blacksmiths, who don’t have to be smelters to build their gear). Hard to say, but then again Herbalism doesn’t do much else either. Mining’s the only gatherer with a “sub” profession.

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