Friday Top 5: Transmog Swordplay

It’s another Friday, and that means looking at the five best of whatever suits my fancy.  For the last little while that’s been weapons and today will be the same.  However, I’m shaking it up a little bit as we look at swords.  For a change I’m going to list both the one-handed and the two-handed.  On with it shall we?  We’ll start with one-handed swords.

5.  Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight starts us off.  An elegantly designed sword, it shows that vanilla WoW didn’t just have decent looking PvP gear, but some of the weapons were sleek as well.  With it’s classy look I’d recommend this for Paladins and Warriors, possibly Death Knights.  Not sure it’s for a Rogue or Mage.  Whatever your class is, head into Blackwing Lair and take down Broodlord Lashlayer in hopes of it dropping.

4. It would be rare if a gear list didn’t include something from the Burning Crusade, and The Willbreaker ensures that doesn’t happen here.  Another sword that makes me think of Paladins, this blue level sword can be obtained in Heroic Blood Furnace.  It drops from Keli’dan The Breaker.

3. Reforged Heartless is a unique looking weapon, from the blade to the hilt.  As you might guess based on the Troll design, it’s found in Zul’Aman.  The sword drops from Hex Lord Malacrass, though wowhead suggests the drop rate is a fair bit lower than the other gear.  You might have to kill him a few times to snag this blade.

2. Ensuring we hit every expansion with this list, Wrath of the Lich King is represented by Ghoulslicer.  This sword is similar in style to many of the others in the expansion, but has just enough variety to it to make it stand out including hilt design.  The rather large jagged blade falls into the category of “gets credit for what it could do to an enemy.”  Travel to Halls of Reflection (Normal) and knock off Falric for this blade.

1. Topping off the list, is HailstormObtained from Alexstraza’s Gift after you defeat Malygos (10N) in The Eye, the sword really stands out for Frost Mages and Frost Death Knights, but could be wielded by pretty much anyone and still look great.  Seemingly giving a nod to both the Blue Dragonflight, and the ice theme of the Lich King expansion, Hailstorm stands out above the rest.

So there’s your one-handed list.  Your class, your look, and as usual personal preference may vary but I don’t think you’ll go wrong using any of these for your swords.  Unless of course you’re wielding a two-handed one.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to consider these for your look:

5.  The Sword of Justice defines unique look, as there is something amusing about pummeling your opponents with a giant tuning fork.  Sounds about right, doesn’t it?  Sorry…that was terrible.  But again, the sword’s look is not and if it’s up your alley, head into Heroic Halls of Stone.  It can be found in the Tribunal Chest after you defeat the Tribunal of Ages.

4. The Untamed Blade draws in the human eye thanks to the design of the blade, but also the extravagant hilt.  Sleek and stylish despite being among the “larger” style of weapon, this sword does a great job of not feeling “over the top.”  If it’s what you’re looking for then you will need to go kill Razorgore the Untamed in Blackwing Lair.

3. Speaking of “over the top,” Zin’rokh, Destroyer of Worlds is just that.  It’s a vast blade, and for those who prefer that look, you can’t get any better.  The good news is that once you get your hands on this sword, it’s bound to your account.  The bad news?  It’s an Archaeology find (Troll Rare).  That means you’ll either obtain it right away or spend half your lifetime trying to.

2. Despite the name, Cataclysm’s Edge isn’t actually from the current expansion.  Once again ensuring the Burning Crusade is represented, the sword is from the old Mount Hyjal raid in the Caverns of Time.  It drops from Archimonde himself.   The sword has a very stylish look about it, and as you can see from the link actually compliments Engineering goggles really well.  Even on its own, the sword’s got a nice look that suggests a standard blade with a heated core.  Slice someone in half, then cauterize them to prevent making a mess.  Works for me. 

1.  The top two handed sword in the game comes from what I consider to this day to be the best instance in the game: Karazhan.  Despair has a solid look unlike any other.  It’s sleek, but still evil looking.  The name certainly fits it.  There’s good news and bad news if you want it for your weapon though as it comes from the opera event of Romulo and Julianne.  There’s a one in three chance of getting that event, though as of late it seems to be the only play the RNG has been giving me.

So, there you have it.  Whether you’re wielding it in one hand, or two, there are some great options for the look of your sword while slashing and hacking your way across Azeroth.  Have a great weekend!

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