3 comments on “I’m A Minority

  1. I’ve had an Authenticator since they were introduced. I’ve dealt with countless hacked Guild accounts, and in the main these have happened because people are sloppy with Anti-Virus programmes and don’t watch where they browse online. Most of these hacks come from keyloggers that piggyback themselves onto legitimate WoW sites. The only way to avoid it is to be vigilant and pay attention.

    There was the one guy who was hacked coz he bought gold. Then there was the guy who was hacked though his p*rn site. Nothing is ever 100% safe, but you can be sensible.

    Frankly, there is no disadvantage to NOT having one, which is why (in our Guild at least) you can’t access the GB without one. I did this because I got so fed up having to sort stuff out every time someone was hacked and we got pillaged. There is something utterly soul destroying about doing that time after time 😦

    I would get an Authenticator a) because it does no harm and b) one day, you might be wrong. Yes, it could happen, and if it did, it would be one more level of protection a hacker would have to fight through as opposed to no levels at all ;P

  2. i bought an authenticator when they came out at first. mainly because i was fighting with my brother and did not want him using my account. kept it for the pet though.

    for some reason sometimes when i go to log in, i have to use it so i am assuming it is one of those days where someone tried to log in on my account. like if i try at someone else’s house and dont have the authenticator, i have to use it the next time i log in.

    and yes, my brother was wrong. he kept telling me that he has the best security features and he still was hacked. and plus this whole thing brought it to our guild leaders attention that we need someone else who can demote officers in the guild. i could only demote his alts. we had to worry about his main since officers can not demote officers. sometimes it takes something like this to find a small hole in everything.

  3. I have an authenticator, if it provides another layer of protection then I’m all for it.

    I was never hacked before getting it and I’d have to say the pet was a huge incentive for me. I have NoScript running and I try to be careful but I’m always accidentally clicking on things, yeah, I really didn’t want to learn how to add ten pounds of muscle mass, geez. So any extra help is fine with me.

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