9 comments on “Pitching A Tent

    • Oh wow, I never even thought of that! Also a good idea, though I think with a hammock, it would boost xp while in an inn or tent, as (again with the realistic aspect) I think getting the “rest” requires being protected from the elements. Perhaps the hammock could be a +10% to xp while resting and it could be an heirloom.


  1. Clearly that tent is made of cloth and thus belongs to the tailors :p

    Given that there are so many awesome looking tents in-game, I particularly like the Nightelf/Bloodelf versions (think the Inn at Star’s Rest), it would make sense to allow players to craft their own.

    Would bring a whole new aspect to “camping” someone on a pvp server. Instead of having to make do with a campfire and a romantic picnic basket, you’d be able to build a tent whilst waiting for them to res.

    I hope MoP brings us craftable tents and fishing boats.

  2. This is such an excellent idea! It would definitely make Skinning & Leatherworking more interesting again. I only have one LW, and only a few Skinners, because the other professions are so much more useful & interesting to me.
    Perhaps the Tent could grant a 50% rested XP bonus, so that it wouldn’t be quite as good as getting to an inn, but would be better than just logging out in the middle of the world without a Tent? But maybe it would have to be equal to an inn for it to be popular enough. Hmm…

  3. @kamaliaetalia
    You’re right. Not having it quite as good as an inn would also be a solid option. Here’s a funny story, when WoW was in testing, being rested gave 100% xp bonus and non-rested granted 50%. However, the players didn’t like it at all, so the developers changed it to 200% xp bonus when rested and suddenly it was well received. It’s all interpretation!

    Honestly, I think Tailors are more useful and popular than Leatherworkers at this stage of the game (I mean, come on, Leatherworkers don’t get a mount) so I give them the edge in “deserving” the opportunity to craft. But you’re right it could go either way. As for camping, that’s just mean…but damn funny!

  4. I LOVE this idea!!! Though I do have to agree with Erinys, that tent is clearly made of cloth. However, they could make a teepee type thing, that’s leather, right? and LMAO @ the camping on a PVP server !!!

    Brilliant post and ideas JD 🙂

  5. And you’re right. Leatherworkers need a mount. Tailors, alchies, engineers can all make one. They should make a balloon, like a hot air balloon that can take one friend. That would be cool.

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