12 comments on “Meme: The Sixth

  1. Can I just say what a SMALL world it really is? So, you follow Chronicles of Mia? I have a post qued up that talks about her… and how we by chance met through the dungeon finder… before I realized she had a blog… earlier this month. And then I come to find… you follow her!

    But thanks for the tag… we’ll see if I even have any legit screenies. And! I’ll have the same conundrum.

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  3. @Nikki
    Way to check my blogroll…lol. Also, you got tagged for being two parts awesome + one part newer blog.

    My trick was trying not to tag people that had already been tagged. I imagine that’s going to get harder and harder despite the vast number of bloggers out there.

  4. Well, correction– I didn’t think twice about “Chronicles of Mia” the first time I saw your blogroll many moons ago. Having it re-established made me think! Whoa!

    And yes, speaking of newer blog… I am so behind on my blogging and WoWing this week. Band practice tonight… then I can get home and finally write and post my 3 day-late Weekend Recap and Level Insanity update.

  5. I certainly wasn’t picking on your blog or whatnot. I just thought tagging you (on top of the obvious friend reason) would swing some more traffic your way.

  6. I admit I was feeling slightly stressed trying to think of six people to tag, but let me say I was in a much happier state once mine was posted. I had a lot more run afterwards reading who had posted on Twitter and following the trail.

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