5 comments on “Friday Top 5: Pop Culture References

  1. I’ll have to take a trip to Loch Modan for that one. Every time I see a Firefly reference in WoW I drag out the Firefly DVDs again. Luckily my husband likes Firefly too, or he’s being polite, hard to say, lol.

  2. Oh God, JD don’t get me started, I have so many posts about pop culture references… I’ll try to name my top 5:
    1) Datalore Smallsphere – the first part of the name is from Data and Lore, the twin androids from Star Trek next gen, and the second part is a pun on Short Round – the little asian kid in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, who also acted in the Goonies and his character name there was Data.
    2) Lady La-La – is the BEST rare in game IMO with music and everything
    3) Only the Penitent… – this achievement is where you kneel to avoid Domo’s flame and is from Indiana Jones (only the penitent man will pass)
    4) Loguhn – this wolvar with his fist weapon claws looks like Logan (Wolverine) from Xmen
    5) It’s so hard to choose, but I think that the group of 5 draenei walking around in Exodar (Tobin, Audred, Emony, Curzon and Torias) is pretty cool because they are all from Star Trek DS9 – they are the names of previous hosts of Dax.

    I’ll link you my posts on all the pop culture NPCs I’ve done so far JD (hahaha blatant post plugging FTW!)

    Oh! And you didn’t mention that Oricoe is standing in your pic next to Adam Eternium (Orko). I can see him with his red hat and robes.

    • Nothing wrong with self-plugging!

      And yes, there are SO many. Darn it all, with the ones you mentioned I now have the urge to watch Last Crusade again.

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