Transmog By Race Part I: Dwarves

Tired of getting beaten to the punch on various transmogrification ideas I’ve had (I keep my sanity by arguing great minds think alike), I present to you the first in a series of posts where I suit up each race based on their classes and the role I envision them playing.  To kick things off I went with the race I likely have the most familiarity with in terms of “fantasy:” Dwarves.

Dwarves have access to every class now except for Druids and quite frankly they shouldn’t ever get it.  For the most part, I argue against Rogues as well but that’s a whole other story (and for this purpose, I’ve made it work).  Also, aside from the Forsaken I will refrain from using the Death Knight class (I’m treating it as their quasi-Antipaladin equivalent).

The Dwarven Kingdom is heavily stacked with Priests.  Now since this is my view, I don’t see Dwarven Shadow Priests (sorry, Dark Iron casters fall under Warlocks).  That means you you’re walking in the light where either Holy or Discipline suits the race just fine.  The outfit I built for Tumunzahar really feels like a Dwarven Priest for me, so I just tweaked him a little bit.

As I said a moment ago, I’ve had issue with Dwarf Rogues since my introduction to the game.  Especially since back then there were no Dwarven Mages and to have Rogues first completely baffled me.  In compiling this list, though, I came up with a role that a Dwarven Rogue would play, and that would be someone of a Dungeoneer or Siege Sabatoeur.  In both cases, I see them as Engineer infused, though the Dungeoneer may do more with Gnomes and the Siege Sabatoeur would be more Goblin/demolitions.

When it comes to Dwarven Hunters, they fall into one of two rolls as a hero.  The first, is a Game Hunter type.  Not to Hemet Nesingwary lengths, but a game seeker just the same.   So, I started with the wolf shoulders and built from there.  I like that the pants look leather crafted as well, adding to the trapper idea.  I could’ve gone further with it, but was happy with how it turned out.

On the flipside, a Hunter could also fit the role of a Dungeoneer.  Where a Rogue would disable traps and what have you, the Hunter would get by using his tracking skills to navigate the dangerous mobs that lurk behind every turn.  So with this outfit I went with a crossbow instead of a gun, but focused on including some elements of chain (specifically links) in the armor with the idea that it would come from the dungeons he’d explored.

I see Warlocks being a Dark Iron only class.  In the modern Dwarven hierarchy that’s mostly fine as they’ve been loosely accepted into the mountain, albeit under a mighty watchful eye.  I based this outfit loosely on the shades seen in BRD, as that’s where I would picture these guys prior to old Moira moving the clan into the Forge.

One of the defining race and class combinations in the game, there’s no shortage of Dwarven Paladins  in Azeroth (or fantasy lore period).  Whether it’s as Champion of the Light or the Mountain, one can easily see them standing at the forefront.  So I built a pretty straightforward outfit, with a heavy gold/light influence.

Clerics are as prominent as Priests when it comes to Dwarves, and since they can wear armor it left me wanting to use the Paladin, as one could simply spec into Holy to properly represent them.  While I used a piece of the “definitive” Paladin gear in the game (Judgement), I was really happy with how unique and good this turned out.

Now Dwarves are wise and scholarly (to a stubborn fault), and it only stands to reason they count Mages among their ranks.  I debated on drawing on the element of Frost when putting the outfit together, but then reconsidered that for something more transcending.  I like the green offset in the design which very much veered away from some of the more traditional Dwarven colors.  Mages can get away with it.

The Dark Iron Dwarves brought Warlocks, and Wildhammer Dwarves brought us Shamans.  In designing the Dwarven Shaman outfit I wanted something that relied on earth tones for the Dwarves, but also to be sure to include a node to the Wildhammer heritage.  Unfortunately, players can’t select any tattoos for the clan (hoping that changes in Mists).  What I’m most happy about with this outfit is how I managed to line up the three components around the waist perfectly(which is waist, legs, and even the chest).  I’m thinking Elemental, with lots of casting so weapon choice may vary.

I saved the best for last when it comes to Dwarves, as there is no shortage of them who like a good fight.  Said fisticuff is usually after a few good pints.  Despite the many options and roles for their Warriors, I picked two -the Defender and the Berserker.  The Defender is a fair bit on the cliched side, but still I was happy with what I came up with.

For the Berserker I wanted something a bit unique, and it needed to be a culmination where I could see the Warrior charging from a ledge and leaping out, axe in hand, to embed in a target.  It took a number of tries, but I ended up with a look I was happy with.

Hope you enjoyed my take on the Dwarf options in the game and will check back in to see what I do with the other races.  In part two, I’ll be flipping factions to tackle my favourite race in the game.

9 thoughts on “Transmog By Race Part I: Dwarves

  1. Cynwise February 27, 2012 / 9:50 am

    Love these ideas!

  2. tomeoftheancient February 27, 2012 / 12:48 pm

    Troublemaker! Now my level 45 Dwarf Pally wants me to get on with the leveling so she can have some nice clothes!

  3. JD Kenada February 27, 2012 / 5:59 pm

    @ Godmother
    I have a plethora of Mogging ideas and what have you…folks like Effraeti always seem to beat me to the punch in execution and posting them. The end result is I tend to backburner those ideas and something else comes up.

    @ tomoftheancient
    Paladins are easy to level. Aggro everything in the zone, and burn it down. Lay On Hands if need be, or a quick Holy Word heal. I’ve never played one until recently and all of a sudden my 31 Tauradin is now 57. As for nice clothes, anything with “Transmog By Race” that I post you might want to stay away from opening when they’re around 😉

    @ cynwise
    Thanks! I don’t know how many times I started over from scratch on a few of them. I’d complete an outfit and then while it would look good, it wouldn’t be what I wanted for the Dwarves.

  4. Effraeti February 27, 2012 / 9:09 pm

    I think the reason that Dwarves and Gnomes pose a greater challenge with mogging is due to their smaller palette (frame). 🙂 Dwarves are difficult, but damn! Gnomes are hard like Heroic!

    Good job on the Dwarf outfits! I have never been a big fan of the Overlord set, but it looks really good on a Dwarf! And I like the Shaman set too – good mix of Shaman gear and feathers! Yay, Wildhammer! Now we just need Dwarf tattoos.

    ~ Effy

    • JD Kenada February 27, 2012 / 9:39 pm

      The Shaman was actually the first outfit of the bunch that I completed and I was really happy with it.

      The Overlord set doesn’t normally do much for me either, other than sell on the auction house, but as you say it works.

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