9 comments on “Transmog By Race Part I: Dwarves

  1. @ Godmother
    I have a plethora of Mogging ideas and what have you…folks like Effraeti always seem to beat me to the punch in execution and posting them. The end result is I tend to backburner those ideas and something else comes up.

    @ tomoftheancient
    Paladins are easy to level. Aggro everything in the zone, and burn it down. Lay On Hands if need be, or a quick Holy Word heal. I’ve never played one until recently and all of a sudden my 31 Tauradin is now 57. As for nice clothes, anything with “Transmog By Race” that I post you might want to stay away from opening when they’re around 😉

    @ cynwise
    Thanks! I don’t know how many times I started over from scratch on a few of them. I’d complete an outfit and then while it would look good, it wouldn’t be what I wanted for the Dwarves.

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  3. I think the reason that Dwarves and Gnomes pose a greater challenge with mogging is due to their smaller palette (frame). 🙂 Dwarves are difficult, but damn! Gnomes are hard like Heroic!

    Good job on the Dwarf outfits! I have never been a big fan of the Overlord set, but it looks really good on a Dwarf! And I like the Shaman set too – good mix of Shaman gear and feathers! Yay, Wildhammer! Now we just need Dwarf tattoos.

    ~ Effy

    • The Shaman was actually the first outfit of the bunch that I completed and I was really happy with it.

      The Overlord set doesn’t normally do much for me either, other than sell on the auction house, but as you say it works.

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