7 comments on “Friday Top 5: Land Mounts

  1. I like the Alliance Lion better than the Horde Scorpion, but other than that, I quite agree with all of these choices.
    I do find the Winterspring Frostsaber more awesome than the Venomhide Ravasaur, and had to tame a purple kitty with my Hunter because she couldn’t get one to ride.

    • I loathed the Alliance Lion when I first saw it, but then when I saw one up close I was indeed much more fond of it. Then again, my Hunter has a scorpion similar to the Annihilator so perhaps that parlays my fondness.

  2. I really like those bears. Like the Amani War Bear or the Black War Bear. Tauren look good on bears.
    And I really like the Mechanohog. It’s a classy ride and also takes a passsenger.

    • I used to loathe the Hog/Chopper when it came out. I was such an old man screaming “motorcycles have no place in fantasy.” I don’t know what happened. Heck, I bought one for each guild officer for Christmas.

  3. Cenarion War Hippogryph is one that i like the most along with the pink love bird. need the pet to go with that pink love bird though.

    • The War Hippogryph might make the Flying Mount list. Despite my lack of rep grinding efforts to finally obtain it for a certain Hunter, it’s still one of my favs.

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