58 comments on “Mog Madness Is Here!

    • That’s an excellent question! In all honesty, For the purpose of the contest, the “outfit” is the sum of all parts. In other words, you’ll have to select the best cape/hood/wand/etc that compliments the overall look you’re wanting to achieve.

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    • Linking to this post is as good as posting the picture here. 🙂

      The important thing is that it’s easy for us judges to find.

  2. Oh, my… that green outfit is really something.

    I’m definitely IN for this, but it’ll be a bit before I get an entry for the first round together. When I do, it’ll go up on my blog with a link back to this post 🙂

    • No worries at all. We made the first round two weeks specifically to allow people more time to enter.

  3. Need clarification:
    “though no using class-specific gear outside of the class you choose to use -so no Mages in something like this).”

    So – you’re saying, if I am a mage, I can’t wear healing gear? Thanks for being patient with the noob over here.

    And, we get our submissions to you during that window, si?

    For someone who lives and dies by the “follow the directions sword,” I really have a lot of dumb questions. And yes, there are such thing as dumb questions.


    • I think they mean that if your character’s class is Warlock, you should not use items that are specifically Priest or Mage Tier/PvP gear in your outfit — and likewise for the other classes. I think that using an item with healing-slanted stats is probably okay as long as it is not Priest Tier/PvP gear. I could be wrong, though 😛

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  5. I am honoured to be mistaken for Kamalia. If only I could be that mog-cool!

    So am I allowed to enter on my leather wearing druid, and wear cloth? Or do I have to be a cloth wearer?

    • Your gear type must match the main armor type of the class at end game. So sexy Druids in sexy Leather, Warriors in Plate, etc.

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      • Thanks Cymre. Indeed, hoping this results in even more entries (afraid to check my blog e-mail now, lol).

        As for twitter…I dunna “tweet,” and I dunna “farcebook” and mah space is just that… 😉

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  20. ARRG!! Just discovered this! So if you miss the first round can you still play and join the other four? Of course I’ve been without power and internet all week…./grumbles dumb snow storm.

    • Sorry PallyDog, but Mog Madness is a play on “March Madness,” and as such it’s an elimination game. Based on the success, though, I wouldn’t rule out an encore at some point!

      • Hey, I’ll be newsing this on the WoW Vault. I’d also love some any future heads up for events such as these in the future. What’s the best way to get in touch? I was unable to find a contact option.

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