22 comments on “2012: A Fifth Of The Way

  1. I blame real life and album recording lately (raiding gets the little bits of extra time), no time to blog! I did hit 85 on my Paladin. And I have an 80 priest… but none of those levels count since I used the Scroll of Resurrection. I’m assuming these toons are treated the same way as RAF… only the last 5 levels count?

    • RaF friends didn’t count at all in terms of levels granted by the program. As such, indeed the levels the scroll granted wouldn’t count either. 😦

      Album recording? Nice!

      • Indeed! Just a mini 3 song EP, but my band is finally buckling down and getting it finished. I was actually recording vocals last night hence why I never logged in. Usually, if I don’t log in at all for a day- it’s music related. 🙂

        The blogisphere will probably get some sneak peaks soon to justify my absence. lol.

    • It’s not a race…merely post commentary…lol, how did I know that would come back to bite me in the backside?

    • Lol! I feel like I’ve been spending more of my logged-in time playing with MogIt than actually playing with my characters — leveling and whatnot — too!

      Protadinning at low levels is tremendously fun! I’ve enjoyed my little Tankadin so much that I’ve been thinking about trying out the other shield tank, the Prot Warrior, too.

      • My 57 Warrior is Prot. I love it, but I’ll warn you right now they don’t have near the multi-target aggro options that the Tankadin has.

        • Yah, I cannot level a Prot Warrior, myself. Prot Pallies are way fun. And Fury is pretty fun, especially as a cute, pink-haired Gnome. 😀

          But I agree – I have been spending more time putting together outfits than playing. And I suppose that is good that I have fun doing something, whatever it is. lol

          ~ Effy

  2. I need to get ON THE BALL and level more. I think I’ll post my own results today too. I have been so busy with work and raiding and helping my husband make gold that I can’t do anything for ME! Tonight!! My blood elf warrior hits 50 damnit!! 😀

    • It’s never too late to enter!

      Personally, my efforts have tanked. Apparently I’ve been busy with some other shenanigans around here lately…

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