5 comments on “Friday Top 5: Transmog Bows

  1. I think Arathar, the Eye of Flame heroic is a lot more attractive because of the red tones but I will say I am looking for a great transmog for the Molten Earth transmog. The reason behind the transmog isn’t to look like a NE shaman but because I have all 5 molten spiders so when I use Stampede you get a taste the rainbow. (referring to skittles)
    But anyway I feel the heroic matches pretty well for the magma looking texture with the middle of the bow just outside of the grip where it has a magma looking texture.

    • Oh god…I wish I had looked at the bow with the transmog before I posted…lmao I see the yellows match better than the reds as in my head. Okay I stand shamed for not checking first but I admit my mistake.

      • Mistake or not, you still made a great explanation about WHY it’s a solid choice. As well, I love the “taste the rainbow” idea.

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