6 comments on “Gettin Served Pandaria

    It has been well documented that the trees are being overhauled and while I’ve grown comfortable with the current trees I do understand the idea behind it. However, the constant explanation that Blizzard is doing it to remove “cookie-cutter” builds is hypocrisy when the trees get narrower. Sooner or later it looks less like a tree and more like a pole.

    It is so illogical! The narrower the scope the more cookie-cutter it will be! Glad someone else sees this, too.

    Thank you for this comprehensive re-cap – much appreciated!

    • No problem Matty, and indeed we have the same view on talents. I recognize the Glyph system has drastically changed the need for talent trees to be as deep (I’ve been meaning to write that post, too), but I give Mists less than two months before every spec has the optimal build again. The cookie cutter is there, but I do feel it looks more and more like a knife these days.

    • How would you get rid of cookie-cutter builds without narrowing the trees? I understand narrowing itself isn’t sufficient to get rid of them but it is necessary. The game designer can either concentrate on bringing meaningful choices or bringing the quantity of choices, both viable and not – or, as the Penny Arcade video puts it, calculations. And the latter is what cookie-cutters are about.

      I agree that Blizzard might not avoid the cookie-cutters and probably there will be some clear choices but the narrower the scope is, the easier to get rid of cookie-cutters.

      • You make a valid point, but at the same time I look at it from the point of “the less choices you have, the less you can deviate.”

        Players will cookie cut no matter what, because regardless of whether there are 6 talent choices or 60, there will be an optimal build for what the player wants to do. As such, I understand Blizzard streamlining the talent trees (and Glyphs have had a larger role in that…there’s a post I still haven’t written), I just take issue with the explanation that it’s to remove cookie cutting.

  2. Looking at panda ice cream makes me hungry. And I will be looking forward to the other end game things… pet battles. I wonder if you can do cross server or cross faction? 🙂

    • I would THINK it will be one giant “arena” so to speak. According to what I read today, you’ll never know who you face and your losses will not be published…only your wins. (i.e. if I look you up it might say you have 58 wins when I have 12. However, we won’t know that you’re 58-200 and I’m 12-1)

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