14 comments on “The Name Game

  1. kuroma-100people
    rosemarylee-4 characters*2people 3 are mine.*
    inverna-27 people
    terrastella-9 people
    piratejade-me only!

    wow, never looked up my character names before except to see their gear and i went straight to them. my brother once told me i was the only person with rosemarylee so the 4 character with that name has to be new.

    i have seen some pretty odd names though before. can not remember how to spell them but it looked like a gold spammer name. the person was not selling gold though.

    of course one of the oddest names is Tumunzahar:)

    • The said part is, Tumunzahar is DWARVEN. I have no idea why I see it on other races. Of course, that’s just me nitpicking.

      I can’t remember if it was beacon of light, but if not it was something similar.

  2. Did I ever tell you that Towachi is actually “Snow Bear” in Tauren? This was back when she was going to be a bear tank. Hence why she is white. Syoko and I spent a good hour just asking eachother to type words with Tauren Language turned on.

    • Nothing like that ever even occurred to me. 95% of the names I’ve used spews out of ideas from between my ears.

      I do like the name, and that’s a very interesting origin!

  3. Have to admit I’d no idea what a Dutchrudder was before this post. Now I’m slightly in shock.

    Personally when I was playing on a PvP server despite being a bit of a carebear outside battlegrounds and against certain guildtags, I would lowbie gank if I found someone’s name offensive.

    I remember finding a troll hunter called “Pissonyou” in the 1000 needles and killing it repeatedly for the better part of 45 minutes.

    Apart from my Tauren Shadowpriest (Milkflay), I tend to go for sensible names and I do report any I encounter that do bother me, i.e. anything containing “rape” (and it’s surprising how many paladins you meet with that in there somewhere).

    • I guarantee you nearly ALL of those Paladins are PvP. I don’t know how it gets that far, I really don’t.

      That camping idea is actually great. I don’t normally condone camping, but I think that’s a scenario where I would make an exception.

  4. Those offensive names upset me, quite a bit actually. I have reported worse. There is so much that gets dismissed or ignored because it’s just too invasive and ugly. I’ll keep an eye out, too, and know you’re not alone in your sentiments.

    I take a lot of time and care when choosing my character names, even if raid leaders enjoy butchering them. /sigh That doesn’t bother me.

    But…that reminds me…just received a big diploma-ish thing, and damn if they didn’t get my name wrong. Off to lodge a complaint. This was a very expensive typo on their part, and infuriates me.

    • They spelled my name wrong on my college diploma two years in a row 😉

      Yeah, Tumunzahar really messes with people. That’s why I get called Tum for short. Fortunately the guild I’m spending the most time in these days can just call me Vache as it fits any of the toons enrolled.

      Glad to hear I’m not alone either in concern over names.

  5. Ugh, those names. I really don’t mind the dirty ones, but the bashing and raping ones are very offensive. I have a feeling Blizzard is depending solely on us to report them. There can’t be anyone watching, look how easy it was to find them.

    I have never, not once been able to get the name I wanted. I’ve pretty much given up. All that deep thought and then “taken”!

    • Sometimes I get the ones I want right away. Other times, not so much.

      That I was able to get Levache, Saintvache, and Mortevache on one server (currently medium pop but used to dip into high pop) last year is beyond me.

      I know what you mean about designing a character and staring at the screen for a meaningful name, only to not get it. >_<

  6. I play on a roleplay realm and I know for a fact people here can be very strict with reporting and with what they find out of line. I rarely see names in the league of what you have listed up there.

    When I visit other servers, I do sometimes get surprised at what people in all seriousness name their characters. I guess I’m just different and go for name’y names instead.

    • I’ve said before, I name characters because that’s what they are to me. Sure, the Vaches (Le, Saint, Morte) are tongue in cheek but they ARE still characters to me.

      I don’t slight people who play for the sake of playing and go with whatever tickles their fancy. A friend of mine named all his toons on one server after restaurants, but they aren’t his main characters by a long shot so it was just something amusing for him.

      What I have a problem with is, like the ones I’ve highlighted, people going with something blatantly offensive or pushing the envelope to see what they can get away with.

      I do agree RP servers tend to self-police the best, though (on average).

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