78 comments on “Mog Madness: Round One Results!

  1. OMG the commentary, the judging, the outfits – it was FANTASTIC!! I wish I had the guts to enter, but after seeing what the competition was like, I’m glad I didn’t! Well done to all contestants!

    • I actually had to double check when I was doing the post, because I could have sworn you did enter. See what I mean when I said had I entered I would have gotten whooped? These were amazing.

  2. awesome entries!
    this is just joe, and while i’m disappointed i didnt move on, i see so many great entries that just competing against other skilled mog players was fun.
    as for the survivor voting, are we doing a top 5 based on the current entries or their new entries for round 2?

    • The survivor vote will be based on Round 2. Once we have the entries, you guys will receive an e-mail with the outfits and you’ll be asked to rank your top 5.

  3. I was so excited to get to a computer this morning and I was not disappointed – the commentaries were indeed a great read, and so many fabulous outfits.. Congrats to those who made it through the cut!
    Looking forward to seeing the entries of round two!

      • I’ve noticed this as well, overall I prefer WordPress over Blogger since it has better features, but I find it so hard to set up properly, so many settings! ):

  4. Congrats to the top 20 participants 🙂 Is it safe to say that the future rounds will not involve a cloth wearer or have the other rounds yet to be determined?

    • All the rounds have been determined, but you just never know what we’re going to throw at you 😉

  5. I completely agree with every comment, critique and praise alike, for Senorita Ceniza. I tried like crazy to get that Circle of Flame. Look forward to Round II.

    And I love that M&Ms ad. Sing it all day long.

    So Hunter or Druid – it’s a class thing, mail or leather, depending? Well, Miss Haanta…time to get your mog on. Yes, yes, I know your shell is brown…:)

    • Indeed, if you’re a Hunter you’ll be using Mail and if you’re a Druid you’ll use Leather. Well, that and the polearm. 🙂

      • I asked Tome for clarification on the polearm, too, and glad I did, because I was already sketching out a theme that does not go with that weapon (keeping it to myself for future blog post).

        Thanks again, all entries were AHHmaYYyzinggg!

  6. Eeeek – I hadn’t read that there would be other rounds that I would have to be in! I’ve only really got my priest that I play with. Now I’m going to have to get someone to take me to Magtheridon.

    I entered the last round on a bit of a whim, but now it’s feeling a bit srs bzns. Thinking hat on time!

    Well done judged – fantastic ready – a LOT of hard work going on there 🙂

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  9. Thank you for all your hard work JD! They look wonderful. I had no idea how hard voting would be and had to leave the room to keep from making you crazy and changing my vote, all the entries were so fantastic!

    • Aw, thanks Tome. It was hard, wasn’t it?

      I’m just glad we unintentionally all waited for the results. Made it just as exciting for me.

  10. I was so thrilled to make it through to the next round, especially after seeing all the wonderful entries!

    I have just spent the last hour plying with my hunter and druid in moggit and I can def. say you’ve picked a really challenging weapon, I’m gonna need all the time we’ve got just to work on my outfit I think 😛

    I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

      • I tried to point the finger back, but indeed, it is my fault. Though, it was the first polearm that came to mind, and both JD and Tome had the opportunity to veto me. 🙂

        Ha, so there! 😉

        ~ Effy

        • No way are you going to throw this back at us! And yes, many have commented how evil it is. Having said that, IT DIDN’T STOP ANY OF YOU FROM BUILDING AMAZING OUTFITS!!!

  11. Awesome looking transmogrifications. Now.. where can I find out which pieces they were using so I can blatantly rip them off for myself? 😉

  12. EEE! I’m so happy that I logged into guild this morning and BAM! JD was like “Grats on progressing”. I didn’t realize the post was up so fast! Thanks guys! You are so awesome!

    I’m gonna get working on this right away. See if I can actually get the drops before I have to send this in! GO GO GO GO, we’ll be fine! 😀

    I loved all the mogs that were presented! Good job guys!!

  13. Congrats to everyone! So, so much creativity, so many ideas I never would have thought of! The judges’ commentary was enlightening and very entertaining, too 😀

    My personal favorites — Sean B for his MODEST but still gorgeous Blood Elf, the Godmother’s perfect Pygmy Gnome, Robert from Area 52’s menacing Shadow Council warlock, Andrew from Elune’s amazing use of the Embersilk Tunic, Reluctant Raider and Blog of the Treant for doing absolutely brilliant things with the Robe of Evocation from RFC (and supa bonus love to Blog of the Treant for being the only Tauren in the round!), Melissa C’s outfit was the loveliest use of the Mooncloth Robe I’ve ever seen, Nightwill’s aqua priestess was simply gorgeous and very calming, Bronwynn took a rare and lovely robe and made it even more stunning, and I loved the bold blue and gold of btff Deb’s outfit (may I suggest Sutarn’s Ring for the belt?) and despite what all the real judges said, I LOVE the “baby rattle” style mace precisely because it is so huge and goofy, and think she used the perfect skin of that mace to go with the rest of her ensemble.

  14. Congrats to everyone who made it and I have to say, all those outfits look amazing! I’ve been annoying my guildies as I use them to show off my creations for my priest, but now I have to buckle down and see what I can create for Round 2! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only crazy transmog person out there! 🙂

    • Not by a LONG shot Deb.

      Best place to showcase your creations? Your own blog, like the rest of us. 😀

    • You can blog post, and if in that post you link to this thread, it will show up and also alert me that you did a pingback…and in short, that’s good enough for an entry 🙂

  15. OMG, I only just saw this post now and I just… I’m almost speechless! (Almost… this is ME we’re talking about.)

    I was scrolling down, and with each new image I was thinking, “These are just amazing, there’s no way I can compete with this… Oh no, they’re going to give me low scores and condescending comments or something…” And then I hit my entry and was like, “Free pass? OMG, look at my scores! How is this possible?!?!” I’m sitting here in a state of shock and almost shaking. I mostly entered on a whim and because I wanted to see all the other pretty entries. I’m so thrilled you like my look!

    And now I’m also panicking a little because I don’t know what you’re going to throw at us for the next round, and I’m really not prepared for certain armor classes or anything. But even if this is as far as I get I’m so totally thrilled. 😀

    Congratulations to everyone else that entered too. Even the people who are not moving on did a great job! I’m so glad I’m didn’t have to judge this…

    • Ok, I think I had reading comprehension fail as soon as I saw the score tally. You told us what the next round is! /facepalm

      I’m glad that we can use other programs to put together an outfit, because I’m not sure I can farm something up in time that matches that polearm…

      • You can attribute it to all the excitement. 😉

        Of course, that you were worried about condescending comments makes me wonder how we came across before that…

        • Oh, well, condescending isn’t really the right word. But you know — I expected you to try to find nice things to say about my pathetic entry to make me feel better about myself, while still giving me a low score. LOL

          • Spade is a spade around here 😉

            If nothing else, I’m honest. I don’t think I sugarcoated anything nor do I think either lady did. 🙂

          • Heya khizz,
            Just making sure you remember the deadline is tomorrow? I’m not rushing anyone in putting things together, just sending out friendly reminders because I don’t want anyone to miss out. 🙂

          • Oh, I know. I spent the last two days working on my entry! I have a leather version and a mail version and can’t decide which to submit. 😦

          • You have no idea how tough this decision is. Half my friends seem to like one, half like the other. No clear consensus! 😦

  16. If that gave you nightmares you should see my current set =D

    Gnomes make the best transmog. Grats to the winners, can’t wait for the email.

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  18. I love when someone uses orcs, tauren and male draeneis to show a transmog outfit! Please please please make some future round like that: any transmog in a tauren. A vegan one (so you cant use leather nor anything that looks like leather, fur, feathers). 🙂

    • So did we!

      Loved your outfit in the first round and can’t wait to see what you have for us in round two. Best of luck!

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  20. So JD subtly reminded me that I have not been back over here since the day the results were posted, and there are just so many great comments!

    It sounds like Round 1’s contestants had as much fun creating outfits and following along as we did looking at them all! The judging was so hard! JD said we were up to 26 contestants, and I was like “OMG! And we can only let 20 advance!?”

    Thank you so much to everyone participating, following along and commenting! And big HUGE grats and thank you to JD who put together a wonderful Google doc for us to collaborate and share thoughts, and for this great post of the results!

    Round 2 is already looking great, and I am sure the judging will be even tougher!

    ~ Effy

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  22. I am hoping to have my entry done in time…huge problem with my internet here, and they are not sending anyone out to service it until tomorrow. 😦

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    • Two thumbs up, and that’s all 20 entries! Glad no one missed out. It’s funny, I saw three contestants (off the top of my head) that each had an alternate outfit and in each case I thought the very same thing.

      “Wherey wherey eeenteresteen…”

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