8 comments on “The Process Begins

  1. My mother used to threaten that after the crazy outfits my littlest sister would put together, she was going to hang a sign on her that said, “This child dressed herself.”

    All I’m saying.

    And your Forsaken looks loved. Wonderful!

    • That’s not the first time I’ve heard that idea, lol.

      Thanks for the kind words regarding old Vortmar there (taking a serious break from his Mad Scientist ventures I might add).

  2. Simon Cowell tweeted you this morning so I hope everyone will know to tune in here for the show!

    This is HARD. I may have to step away from the computer today to keep from second guessing all my scores.

    I can’t wait for the results, since numbers aren’t my thing I have no idea who’s going to make it into the next round other than the “free pass” entries!

    • Honestly, I’m keeping it entirely natural. I’m not adding up the scores until I announce them tomorrow. So in all honesty, I won’t know any of the results until they go live either!

  3. Well I really wished you wouldn’t have restricted round 1 to clothies. I was hoping for round 2 to be leather, 3 mail, 4 plate…and then the culling from those groups. Why should those of us who do not have clothies be left out of the fun????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • But….but….we never omitted anyone…

      “Your submission can be an in-game screenshot, or a shot from a program such as MogIt.”

      The only thing is perhaps you’re not familiar with MogIt or even ModelViewer, in that you can preview any gear with it? Not just what your character can wear? Otherwise we made sure to make people feel the contest was as open as possible because we wanted plenty to take part.

      Now, while it appears from my end that a miscommunication lead to you not being able to take part, I can neither confirm or deny that something else may or may not be in the works as we speak…maybe.

  4. Oh my goodness you ARE right…I read it as I could take a picture/ screen shot of my toon in HER clothie gear from mog it/ sign in screens or in game. I don’t use mog it so your right, I did not understand that you could put cloth on a plate wearer! My apologies! I assumed that the contest must be an actual in game transmog.

    • That’s ok. I’m terribly sorry for the confusion. As an aside to this, I’m actually working on a transmog guide that includes some ins and outs of MogIt.

      I’ll warn you, any Transmog fan I know that tries the program ends up spending more time using it than doing anything productive on their character. 😀

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