9 comments on “Gold Oggling

    • Take a look around here. Most of the tips I have offered up over time are relatively simple and not too time consuming, because quite frankly I don’t have the time either.

      I’ve also switched from ZOMG MUST MAKE GOLD to ensuring whatever server I’m on I have a little nest egg. I make a bit here and there, but it’s not a goal of mine anymore.

  1. I’m such a lazy money maker. I’m afraid my money making tactics are to do the jewelry daily and sell the Chimera’s Eye. Oh, and make lots of Mysterious Fortune Cards.

    Maybe I’ll pay a visit to Ragefire Chasm!

    • If you’re a scribe, make Rogues Decks and Mages Decks for dirt cheap, and for the latter do the quest for each of those items and sell them.

      There’s a post about that somewhere around here…

  2. Here I was, thinking they would add in the items that were wiped out through the Cataclysm – to find more stuff will be removed. Time to start farming I guess!

    • It’s always hit and miss. Somethings come back, some go away.

      Now, I’m not saying Oggleflint’s Mace is completely gone, but logic suggests it probably is. Worst case scenario you’ve stocked up on a twink mace that should still sell even after Mists launches (but it looks to me like his mace is in with the rest of his bones, to be honest).

    • You need to install AuctionLite and scan regularly. You may find a drastic increase in your phat gold stackz.

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