5 comments on “Heroic Darkmoon?

  1. I’ve done the cannonball every month and every time with different results. I find the exact right time to release and the next time it gets me throw out to sea. This one costs me lots of tickets.

    The whack-a-mole one thankfully stays the same, it’s my only possible one ticket game!

  2. I always need two tokens for the shooting game. I usually need two tokens, but sometimes manage to do it on just one, for whack-a-gnoll and tonks. I only need one token for the ring toss. The cannon, though? That’s a toss up. Sometimes, I nail it perfectly in one shot. More often, though, it takes me three or even four tries to collect five points.

    When the new Darkmoon Faire first came out, I hadn’t updated DBM for patch 4.3. I didn’t do that until after we’d killed Deathwing, in fact. When I did update DBM, finally, I found that it has timers for all of the carnival games, and watching the wings timer makes the cannon shot a lot easier. It feels kind of like cheating, actually, to just watch the timer.

    • Not to be (at all) snarky, but to me that just seems…well, lazy (or as you put it, cheating). I mean, there’s a difference between a carny game and a raid boss. lol

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