3 comments on “Character Creation

  1. Wow. I was already sold on at least trying out GW2 from the class trailers; this is a 3″ layer of gooey cream cheese icing on the cake. Most every game I’ve picked up that includes a detailed character creation system – Dragon Age, Skyrim, even DCUO, comes to mind – I’ve spent *hours* tweaking my toons, then maybe 1/10 of that actually playing the game.

    I won’t pretend to understand how much extra computing power it would take to render each person’s toon in WoW if they offered the level of customization as other games, but my stance is, if these other MMOs can do it, why in the world can’t Blizzard figure it out. Maybe we’ll see a better options in Titan, or a later expansion to WoW. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Soon*er rather than later.

    • Put it this way, I signed up for the Beta for GW2 and they test your system as part of the application. I run my MMO’s on a Windows Emulator on a Linux system, so it doesn’t even detect all my appropriate system settings. Still, I had no problem meeting the requirements.

      To put it in perspective, my system only tends to slow down a bit on 25-man boss fights like Yor’sahj.

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