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  2. Oh no, Frank! I’m always afraid to view the results, of course I don’t want anyone to be eliminated but my Undead is going to give me a tongue lashing over Frank.

    I can’t believe what incredibly wonderful outfits were put together by everyone around that tabard!

  3. Well, I guess it’s the end of the line for me 😦 Congrats to all the winners, and I have to say this was a BLAST to be a part of! I’ll never look at Transmog quite the same again, and maybe if this kind of thing happens next year… 🙂

    • It was a pleasure having you and every entrant.

      I hope you don’t expect to have to wait that long… 😉

      • Heh, If we do this again, perhaps only one Round at a time. Maybe just a small contest based around one piece.

        But I agree, it has been a pleasure with all of these entries thusfar. This has been quite a challenge on all ends – contestants and judges.

        I expect the last round to be very difficult – and this time it is JD’s fault. 😉

        ~ Effy

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  5. Another round of outstanding entries! Frank is awesome — and yes, I would LOVE to see what happens if/when he hooks up with Tome’s ‘Lock 😉 And Tolbi — wow! I think that one is my favorite of the round. I also considered the Titansteel helm with the awesome wings, but it didn’t fit with the rest of what I had going very well.

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  7. Always painful to know who didn´t make to the next round.
    Not fair! Blog of the treant was really my favorite this round! Loved the simplicity of the outfit (I can get you the number of that undead warlock lady lol).
    And I loved the last round rules. I will do a “pretend I´m in” look this time 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked Frank! I’m pleasantly surprised by all the positive attention he’s received. (All the Frank love is going to go straight to his head and there will be no living with him…)

        • This whole transmog experience — particularly the Frank part — has me almost considering rolling on an RP server. I’ve never tried RP before, and the thought of starting terrifies me a little, but I’ve always played through the eyes of my toons and composed backstories and stuff in my mind for them. The thought of trying to interact with other characters in-character is intimidating though.

          • It is tough to interact in-character all the time. When I started my Blog, I was on an RP server. Though I love giving life to my characters, I discovered it was not for me.

            But I suggest conquering your fears to at least try it out. 🙂 The great part about RP? You can do it at any level! So there is no harm in rolling a brand new character to try it out. It is certainly good for helping you learn to develop your characters on the fly.

            And either way, blogs and short stories are greatest outlet for those mini-stories I have found. 🙂

            ~ Effy

          • I’ve always been the same way with my characters. I’ve done a little bit of RP in WoW (much D&D in the outside world) and it varies. The thing is, in WoW it isn’t about going and finding RP so much as RPing and having IT find you (“it” being involvement of others).

            Forsaken is great material, and Brill is usually a good RP location on most RP servers. Speaking of Forsaken, I should get cracking on that story before I call it quits…

          • i just can’t imagine walking around talking to myself. I would feel like an idiot. I mean, only crazy people do that in real life. (Or people with Bluetooth…)

  8. Ah, well. I had a good run. And at the very least I seem to have created a fan-favourite in the character of Frank. LOL I knew I was taking a risk with him, but I’m glad I did because he was a lot of fun to create.

    Grats to all those who are moving on. I look forward to seeing your final designs!

    I am a bit disappointed to be eliminated, but also a bit relieved as well. To be completely honest, I haven’t entirely enjoyed the last three rounds because I didn’t like the items we were given to work with. It came to a head for me with the ugly tabard assignment. It made me wonder why I was even participating when I had to force myself to work with items I didn’t like and would never choose to use on my own. The item choices made the rounds feel more and more of a chore to me as time went on, and I seriously considered forfeiting this round. Instead, I channeled all my negativity into the subversive character of Frank, and ended up enjoying myself.

    I understand that you probably chose items that would be a challenge to work with, and I do see the point to that. However, for me the fun of transmog is working with pretty/cool items. Also, I feel like the rounds would have been much more interesting if they were conceptual in nature, rather than just numerous variations on “Use item x and armor type y”. Having more variety in the types of items we were matching might have helped too. Here are some examples to illustrate what I mean:

    – Your Human Male is a lounge singer. Design an outfit that will have all the ladies swooning over him.

    – Your Hunter has tamed [cool beast x]. Unfortunately your current gear clashes with Fluffy’s fur! You need a new gear set to match him. (Most of the Hunters I know have actually done this… Real life example!)

    – You are a Warlock attempting to sabotage a top secret meeting of Mages. Don a disguise that will allow you to infiltrate the meeting and foil their nefarious plans.

    – You’re finally level 40 and have that epic Green Hawkstrider you’ve always wanted! Design an outfit so that you can ride in style. Level appropriate gear only, please.

    I could go on, but you can probably see what I mean. You could also write brief character descriptions, or provide a setting. I just think it’s more interesting to work with concepts than specific items, though I understand that in-game gear sets are often born of a desire to use a specific item. Mixing up the rounds using both concepts and items might be ideal. (Ironically, the only round that’s concept based turns out to be the final round that I’m not taking part in.)

    I’m also a bit unclear about the judging criteria that was used. “Creativity” and “Originality” seem like two different ways of saying the same thing. I’m not sure how one can be creative and unoriginal, or original and uncreative…

    It seems that I must have lost points for Frank looking too “Darkmoon Faire” for some of the judges, which I don’t really understand. I actually just went back and looked at the Darkmoon NPCs on WoWhead and Frank’s outfit doesn’t look like theirs at all. The only thing in common is the color scheme, and since that’s the color scheme of the tabard I think it’s unfair to be penalized for using it. Also, considering that other entries have received high marks for looking like they could be “city guards” or “druid NPCs” or what have you, I’m not sure why creating a character that could blend in at the Darkmoon Faire would be a bad thing. (Frank would actually love to be mistaken for a harmless carny… Unsuspecting souls are the easiest ones to harvest.)

    There have also been a few outfits that I didn’t like much at all which received high scores. I’m not going to point out specific examples, but in general I mean outfits that were clashing, or combined too many different textures/colors/elements, or which were just flat out kinda ugly. I recognize that this contest is entirely subjective in nature, so perhaps I just have different stylistic taste than the judges, but certain choices seemed odd and sometimes arbitrary to me. (Not saying I could have done a better job, as I’m sure people would disagree with some of my choices if I were judging too!)

    Anyway, this comment is now far too long, so I should wrap up. I hope this didn’t come across as harsh at all, because that wasn’t my intention. I just had feedback and figured you would appreciate that, even if you disagree with me. 🙂 (I’ve also been accused of being “brutally honest” before, but I seem unable to help myself. *sigh*)

    Overall I think this was a fun experience and that you all did an awesome job of running it. (I particularly appreciate how quickly you got the results back to us every week.) Thank you all so much for putting this together and allowing us to participate.

    • You know what, I appreciate the brutal honesty and feedback, all of which I consider incredibly positive. This contest came about on a whim from my brain and I e-mailed Effy to see what she thought and we put it together with Tome and launched it just a few weeks later. I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t the perfect event and there are ALWAYS ways to make things better.

      After the contest ends next week I’ve got my own things to say about the whole ordeal and as such will just leave it at that for now. But, please know that I very VERY much appreciated this entire comment.

      • I second that. Any and all feedback is appeciated and makes it that much more likely we will do something similar in the future. 🙂

        Thanks, Khizzara – both for your feedback and for participating.

        BTW, I look forward to more on Frank the Forsaken Fungus Farmer. hehe

        ~ Effy

        • And yes, this was more thrown together than it may appear. I do not think we expected (though we hoped!) for such a great turnout and such wonderful contestants and entries!

          No matter this weekend’s results, everyone did wonderfully stepping up to the challenges presented. Judging has been a most wonderful experience for me.

          ~ Effy

        • *Whew!* I’m so glad you guys didn’t take my huge comment the wrong way. Thank you both for being so open to suggestions.

          Since this is a fun, fan-created event I don’t expect perfection. (And seriously, there’s no way you should stress out much trying to please everyone.) You guys created the contest on a whim and I entered on a whim — so we’re more or less in the same boat there!

          I hope you hold many more events in future and that I get to be part of them.

          (Also, OMG! Frank the Forsaken Fungus Farmer! Hahahaha! I’m totally going to have to use that.)

          • The thing I learned long ago is to take comments, particularly text ones (that convey zero emotion quite often), with an open mind. I read them for what they are. Some do convey clear emotion and intent, but in a case like this where it was clearly your own thoughts on things and not 20 lines of f-bombs and attacks…well, it was pretty clear what you were saying. 😀

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