38 comments on “Mog Madness: The Final Round!

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  3. Oh, boy, this one’s going to be a doozy for sure. I’m not even sure quite where to start yet. Oh, wait, I DO know what I’m going to start with — though the particular piece I have in mind may not make it into my final submission, after I’m through iterating in MogIt. 😛

  4. BTW, there is AT LEAST one more Old God, N’Zoth, the Drowned God. Speculation is of N’zoth sleeping near the underwater Naga city, possibly named Ny’alotha.

    It is also speculated there are five Old Gods… two of which have yet to be named or alluded to.

    ~ Effy

    • I am one with said knowledge as well. Thought we’d keep it to the ones that have “surfaced” in Azeroth.

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  7. Ooh there’s a first prize?
    I’m not sure where I’m going either although I do have a couple of pieces in mind I intend on using… I coud go either way really.

  8. Now this! This is a theme, a genius idea, a marvelous magnificent maddening theme! Time to begin!

    P.S. Why no warriors?

    • Simply due to the basic principle of the Anti-Paladin. I know, I know…no Warriors here, Warriors losing “stance dance.” It’s a rough week for the class.

      Seriously, though, I figured the Paladin component was straight forward and then added the DK as they fit the idea somewhat as well. I just didn’t feel Warriors fit the archetype. Otherwise I’m glad you approve.

    • You can share an outfit based on the round’s guildelines. However the full contest was an elimination process. These are the final five from our original twenty six.

      You can share an “if I had been entered” outfit. I’ve referred to it previously as Mog Madness: The Home Game. Fully encouraged!

      • The elimination idea worked well I think. It certainly gave the contest it’s own flavour. However, I know that I had a few friends who were all, “A transmog contest? Oooh! Can I enter?” And I had to disappoint them and explain that they couldn’t participate unless they’d been in the first round. 😦

        One option might be to have individual rounds open to anyone, and then a final round that pits the previous winners against each other with a poll for fan voting.

        • That’s an option down the road as well.

          As for your friends, make sure they keep their eyes peeled. The first time around was done with little notice and I think it’s only because of WoW Insider that we got noticed early on. THEN, word of mouth got people following. I’m making sure people are checking in here often now because I finally tipped off the current co-judges to the basis and I think even they’re already excited!

    • It’s true. I came up with the Anti-Paladin of the Old God, but it wasn’t until I posted the final round rules that I realized the Madness link. Pure coincidence.

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  10. Well, I know I was eliminated last round…but I just wanted to make an outfit based on this idea. What can I say…it’s an addiction! 😛 I did it based off C’Thun and his color scheme in him and his environment…looking suitabley evil of course!

    Ruthless Gladiator’s Dreadplate Helm
    War Master’s Pauldrons
    Saltstone Surcoat
    Master Builder’s Shirt
    Saltstone Gauntlets
    Acherus Knight’s Girdle
    Ruthless Gladiator’s Dreadplate Legguards
    Ruthless Gladiator’s Warboots of Cruelty
    Hellslyayer Battle Axe

    Good luk to all the actual contestants!

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