28 comments on “No More SLabs (And Other Thoughts Too)

    • Ugh, I was swearing after I gave it a try when I got home from work and got the Warlock Robes (only time I’ve seen them as well). Then I got up this morning and thought…maybe Murmur’s more of a morning person and was just irked at the time of day I had come knocking. Seems there might have been something to that.

      The outfit came together after I realized I had the token for my favourite cloth shoulders in Tum’s bags. Only thing I don’t have is the perfect stave for the occasion, I settled. I just don’t have time to run the raids that have the ones I find to be “perfect” matches rather than just a suitable one.

  1. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? You and me JD! I do feel bad that poor Undead looks like she outfitted herself at the Goodwill store but hopefully other than that she’ll behave!

    I’m still stuck up there at the witty banter. Paliclaus! ROTFL!

    • Paliclaus is awesome. I’d share their connection to the blogosphere but I do not know whether they would wish to be compromised, lol.

      Your undead is awesome…though keep in mind the Horde run is Karazhan at 7 and it’s Alliance for the Lich King…so your Night Elf might find a man or two to stare at…I mean, fight alongside. (Thank Illidan Tum is a dwarf).

  2. I was glad to be actually chatting to you when you GOT your SLabs outfit 🙂 Whooo!
    Though I am anxious now. I have to dress up? Maybe I should make a new outfit for the occasion.

    • Dress up isn’t a must, merely encouraged. I mean, unless Saintvache gets to run Naxx and snag two different drops (to say nothing of the rest) then he’s going to look like a rainbow threw up on him…perhaps I should make a more attainable outfit prior to then…

  3. Honestly, I’d suggest you get vent so you can at least listen. While we completely overgear ICC there are still some fights that require coordination. For instance, we WILL wipe on Lich King if people don’t stay out of Defile. It’s much easier to explain and call out instructions if people are on vent. And there are 12 bosses in ICC so the smoother the run the more likely we’ll be to actually get you your kill.

    • As I say, I’ll try to work on it. Linux can be finicky (World of Warcraft loses audio within 2 minutes of logging in, sometimes on the load screen).

      Better yet, I’m pretty sure Mrs. Amateur has it installed and I know I won’t have to ask her to turn the volume up. 😉

      • Ah, yeah, my husband has issues with Linux too sometimes, so I know what you mean.

        I was reviewing the bosses in my head and I think we can mostly ignore mechanics and just overpower them. However, I’d say Blood Queen Lana’thel, Sindragosa and Lich King are the three most likely to still require our respect.

        Also, um… I tend to do a fair bit of raid leading and spent the better part of a year in ICC, so I may have a slight tendency to take over where explanations and strategy are concerned. (At least if no one else is obviously stepping up to do it.) Fair warning. >.>

        • Actually I was hoping a person or three would step forward. You vets can sort it out and figure out who is on noob patrol. lol

          • Haha! Ok, good. I’m definitely willing to help herd everyone through the instance, but I don’t want to step on any toes either. Like, I don’t want to walk in to a raid full of your guildies and suddenly take over, meanwhile they’re all thinking, “Who the hell does she think she is?!” But if leadership is needed I know I’m not going to be able to keep my mouth shut. LOL

            Of course, I’m going to be a bit noobish myself since my only Alliance toon is my Hunter. I spent all my time in ICC as a healer, so I might make mistakes as DPS.

          • a) At most there will be 5 people from my guild

            b) At most, one actually raids current content

            c) At most, two more have actually even been in a proper raid.

            So trust me, I’d be getting whispers of “thank God someone knows what they’re doing.” lol

            As I said, even if for some reason we fail to down him…just getting to raid hang with so many awesome people is going to be a blast.

        • I have no problem with you leading, Khizzara. But if it is of any assistance, Laz and I both raid, and raided through all of ICC. I am also 95% raid healer (with about 5% raid tanking) and Laz used to be main spec tank in ICC. So if there is any assistance we can give, let me know!

          ~ Effy

          • Oh good, the more people who know the place the better, even through we can probably roflstomp most of the bosses.

            Best part for tanks will be seeing the size of their enormous level 85 health pools with the additional 30% ICC buff. 🙂

        • Your husband may be my new hero. How in the blue hell do you install Java or a Java update (I’m using Ubuntu 11.10)??? For the life of me I can’t comprehend the explanations I’ve found and when I think I have…it doesn’t work. lol

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