30 comments on “Getting Set For Saturday

  1. I totally forgot about Karazhan — I can probably come to that too. I have tons of Horde toons, so easy enough to bring someone. It’s possible to solo Kara (though the chess event can be a real pain for soloing), but it’s faster and easier with more.

    If there’s anyone reading who hasn’t been to Kara yet you should totally come along. It’s one of the best raids in the game.

    • You hit the two key points:

      -it can be solo’d
      -since it’s one of the best raids in the game it’s more fun with others.

      • I just spent the last 3 hours farming up two final pieces for my hunter’s transmog set, and it’s all because there’s no way I’m going to the ICC run with the transmog crew unless I look good. LOL

        • One hand is giving you a thumbs up with pride whilst the other facepalms. I wouldn’t feel nearly as bad were it not for the “three hours.” Makes me think I should try to get one of the proper staves for Tum at some point before the run as well.

          • No need to feel bad! I planned to get those items anyway, so this just gave me incentive to actually get it done. And it’s not your fault I had to reset Black Morass about a million times before the staff I wanted would drop. *shakes fist at boss*

      • That’ll work too! One word of advice to whoever has RL, set the loot threshold to Uncommon, only so whoever wants can roll on Precious’s Ribbon.
        I’ve been at least that far a few times and it always ends up going to someone who couldn’t care less. DX

          • It’s possible they’ve changed it but if it’s Master Looted, it’s bound to that person, and missing the “Trade to eligible player” text/timer. Of course, even mentioning it ahead of time ensures that it won’t drop at all.

          • Hmm… I hadn’t given any thought to loot systems, but Missescake brings up a good point. When we do old content in my guild we usually don’t bother with Master Looter because it just slows down the run. Our system is basically “need if you can use it and want it for transmog, greed if you want to sell it for gold, disenchant if you want the mats”. As long as the threshold for rolling is Uncommon (green) rather than Rare (blue) that should mean we have to roll on Precious’ Ribbon if it drops, and that should prevent someone who doesn’t care about the ribbon from accidentally looting it over someone who really wants it.

          • I had given some thought to this actually, because being organized is what I do. I was planning to discuss it before we started, but meh.

            My thought was if there’s any level appropriate toons that actually get gear upgrades, then power to them..especially if they plan to or are level capped. After that feel free to need on appropriate gear you want for Transmog or Tier collection. After that, any of the rare items like mounts and whatnot that drop I would offer up to anyone to roll on (except obviously recipes would go to proper prof folk). At least that was my thought process on the whole matter.

  2. I’d love to come along for the Kara run! (Not on Ironstevo, no groupy groupy for him.) The original undead Euphyley is still stuck at level 70 though, and would be delighted to come along if you still have the room. =)

  3. Hey, JD, I’ve recruited a long time WoW friend of mine for the ICC run – he’s got one of just about everything at max level, and specifically offered to bring his warrior tank. You can list him as Delvian (Even though Del is his mage.) And for all the bloggers, we can educate him on what a blog is! I mentioned that to him, and he didn’t know. I sent him some links this morning, so he might have a better clue by Saturday.

    Also, I suspect almost all of my guildies, should they happen to be on, would love to attend – I don’t think any of them have seen ICC yet. (And since I run a tiny guild, we can add a max of 8 people to your run count.) I haven’t mentioned it to them, so we can just fill in on the fly if there’s room. I don’t want to make someone who knows you or your blog to sit out because of my crew.

    • Great on Delvian (and I think that will give us two proper tanks now).

      The “on the fly” sounds good. We can work on rounding up folks on the spot for any holes. So excited!

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  5. What time is the Kara run, again? If it’s not full, I might be able to come along with one or another of my high level Tauren — probably Kam, because she still needs to get her T4 gloves token off of Curator. I’d have to go activate Battletags, though, because I haven’t got a Battletag yet and I parental-controlled myself out of RealID a long time ago and haven’t restored it yet.

    • Battletags are active? I thought that was only for Diablo forums. I might’ve missed it though.

      The run starts at 7 EST, and there’s room for you. Also, if I recall, Tome might be able to help resolve the self-induced lockout. I think she had a similar problem at one point.

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