8 comments on “Friday Top 5: Looking Back On Cataclysm

  1. Don’t forget Tauren priests! I thought that was cool.
    My top 5 cataclysm things:
    5. Dragon aspects, human form. Delicious, mouth watering eye candy… All of them. Especially that Nozdormu. My word.
    4. LFR. The concept is great even though it seems to be full of trolls.
    3. Darkmoon faire. Though I hate the dailies I think the island is a fantastic idea with all the prizes.
    2. Realid raiding and battlegrounds. So I can play with people all over the place. Saturday will demonstrate that!
    1. Transmogrification was the best thing by far

    • Darkmoon Faire was solid too, even though it isn’t a huge boon for me. At the very least I can appreciate it.

  2. I love the Darkmoon Faire. I don’t actually like to do the dailies that much but I love the Island, such a dark, brooding feel, /shiver

    I liked Deathwing flying around torching places, I wish they’d make world bosses randomly pop up, put a little spice in low level areas, lol.

    • Even just bring back world bosses (which I know Mists is doing). I understand why the dragons aren’t around anymore…but you’re telling me there is NOTHING else of threat in existence?

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