35 comments on “Sometimes, You Get What You Need

  1. Well, I did wonder about that cryptic comment you left on my blog. Coming here and reading it, i now know what it meant. I am pleased that you found something you weren’t even looking for – those are the best presents. And I’m not talking about the staff.

    This post, your words, makes me feel so glad, and so proud, to be part of your decision, and to be counted as someone you called a friend.

    • Of course I do Nav!

      I thought I was ready to walk away, and the truth is I probably could, but as I said to khizzara we seem to have found something special. Despite being the kind of person who would do the same thing everyone did do, I felt it right to choose not to play WoW in order to focus on those important things. However, getting away to Azeroth when I have the chance is important for balance.

  2. Excellent post. Congrats on finding what you needed to find, completely unlooked-for. I’ve had much the same experience with my guild; if it wasn’t for the good people I’ve met in and because of the game, I’d’ve surely quit long ago as well.

    Quick apology that I couldn’t make it out. Had to take advantage of the good weather and get my grandma’s yardwork done, plus coaching my daughter’s soccer game left me with a tiny window to sleep before work.

    But, since you’ll be sticking around for at least the next two months, hopefully I can tag along with you all for a run sometime. Feel free to add me if there’s still room on your friends list, zacharyhair at aol.

    • As someone who will be doing those kinds of things as well, I completely understand. Will certainly be adding you.

      I think it comes down to people just saying “come by when you can” that makes it easier for me to continue/return. As usual, no one made me feel obligated but I failed to realize what times I am able to make it on are better than not being on at all.

    • I just realized tonight that I never added you. I am so terribly sorry for that and just sent a Real ID request moments ago.

  3. Sometimes it is a long journey to discover what you really wanted was on your own doorstep. Dorothy Gale was a wise young woman 😀

    Needless to say, this is how my WoW life has run for the best part of five years: it is not a job, a career, an obligation or even a pursuit, it is what YOU need it to be and it all rotates around the people that make it something more than just a game. I’ve seen people leave and return more times than I care to remember, and now I understand that for some, this is another home, a place you can come and be welcomed by friends regardless of your time away.

    I hope one day I might get to meet you US guys in game, and the AU ones too, and indeed anyone I find in my travels who has as much compassion, humour and life as you do. Until then, the Blog remains, and that is good enough.

    Welcome back, J. 😀

  4. Welcome back 🙂

    Your post sums up the good things about all friendships, regardless of whether they’re created on-line or not. It sounds like your night was fabulous and it’s times like these, I wish the servers weren’t limited by region.

  5. WoW 2006 – 2012, best time ever. And it was like the stars were aligned just right. On the last roll I thought I should greed on something and imagine my horror when I saw it was something you wanted!

    I just smiled when you got it. Just perfect end to perfect night. Then I took my contacts out and drank wine and ate Oreos. Life doesn’t get any better, lol.

    Thanks for having me JD and welcome back!

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  7. This post is beautifully well stated, and I’m really glad you decided to stay.

    As I said last night, I feel incredibly honored to have been a part of this. I feel like I didn’t entirely deserve to be there, since we haven’t known each other very long, and it was a big send-off with all your close friends. But I’m glad I was included and able to help make it a successful event.

    The whole evening was so much fun. It was totally awesome to be able to meet people “in person” — especially to see them wearing some of the transmog sets I’ve seen in screenshots! And new friendships were forged, so I hope we get to do this again in future.

    Thank you so much for including me. 😀

  8. Oh, JD! I’m so glad you’re staying, and I get to have a chance at the honor of running with you as well as this great group of people. I was sooooo sad I couldn’t make last night because of the emergency that came up for me. (And I reiterate, for those who may have heard – Dad’s fine, it was a complication of old-man-disease that should correct itself)

    I’ve only known you for a few short weeks (I discovered your blog thanks to Mog Madness) and yet, I already know that this was absolutely not an attention-getting stunt. It’s very obvious you care deeply for being a good father; but also that you love Azeroth.

    • Just came back to this post tonight and realized I never commented back to you. I appreciate these words incredibly and am glad we’ve done a few things since. Most importantly, just glad your dad was ok.

    • I was so glad you made it. I realized a few minutes in that you weren’t actually signed up to go. Couldn’t figure out where the extra body came from, but it worked out as Mrs. Amateur had to bath the little guy.

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  11. You, sir, make me happy. When I left WoW earlier this year, it caused something of a stir because of the way I chose to do it. Yet, amazingly, I ran across much the same epiphany that you did.

    The game remains great when you don’t subject yourself to things you don’t need to.

    Thanks for the post. 🙂

    • You…you commented on my blog?

      …did hell just freeze over???

      Thanks for the kind words bud. 😉

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