9 comments on “Monday, Monday

  1. I so wanted to come with you all to AQ last night, if it’s going to be a regular thing I will plan my Sunday evenings better from now on!

    Yes! I too am anxious to hear what you have planned!

    Archaeology, I have to take a few weeks break every once in a while, I start to go a little crazy after getting about six consecutive stupid little Sketches of a Desert Palace.

    • Well, you designed the logo for the next one so you at least have an idea 😉

      And indeed, the consensus is Sunday nights from roughly 8-10 EST.

  2. Cross-dressing rogue uses a great add-on to lessen that factor of annoyance; I, however, enjoy the walk, stopping to smell the mageroyal, as it were. And yes, whatever you got cooking, I want in!

  3. I adored the run last night, but it has to take a back seat to my guild run(s). I’ll letcha know when I can make it to those, though.

    I’m really looking forward to watching the next event you have cooked up. I’m not very good at mogging myself, but I love looking at all the outfits.

    • No problem at all. Come when it’s convenient. As I said to Effy last night, we seem to average between 7 and 12 people. Some are Horde only, some are Alliance only, and everyone has their own schedule.

      There’s going to be nights where I’m not there, or Effy isn’t there, but it’s more to the effect of “this is what’s going on this week if you want to go.” It could be a run to get a certain achievement, it could be just because 1-2 people need to hit the raid for hopes of a transmog drop.

      As I say, the next even t I came up with during the early stages of Mog Madness. It has far more differences than similarities, from start to finish. The reason I put the judge sign-up deadline in was because I want to take some time to go over things with the other judges, fine tuning and adjusting before it’s presented to the masses.

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