6 comments on “An Amateur Guide To Mogging

  1. MogIt is so nice after using modelviewer because I can browse without knowing the name of an item. Now they go into modelviewer after I use MogIt to browse.

    But my poor Undead seems to make everything look funny, poor girl, I’ll just have to keep looking.

    • Forsaken is the next Racial mogging I have in the works…hopefully I can provide some inspiration. With Mog Madness and everything else that’s been going on, it kind of paused at the halfway point.

  2. Cymre got me into Mogit. I love it, I don’t think I can even play without it now, I’m constantly looking at it to make something new to wear!

    • Yeah, thank Illidan MogIt doesn’t log your time played like the rest of WoW…and as I’ve mentioned before, it even works with the trial version of WoW (still giving you full gear access via data).

  3. So here’s the question I have about Mogit – how do you set it up so you can see items for a higher level than your toon? I want to make sure I’m not “settling” or something with Oquae, when I really want that quest reward from Icecrown.

    • Hit the filter button in the bottom left corner, which will open the small pane on the right (as shown in this post) and show levels. Change it to 0-85 instead of 0-X (where X is your current level).

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