9 comments on “Friday Top 5: Instance Bosses

  1. Ooh, this is hard, I don’t know what mine would be. I find dungeon bosses hard to remember, raid ones seem to stand out to me more. I’ll have to ponder this. But I like your first choice.

  2. I love Talon King Ikiss simply because of his “trinkets, pretty trinkets” line, sounds like he’s got his priorities in order.

    I’m also pretty fond of Pathaleon the Calculator simply because he reminds me of every jerk of a boss I’ve ever had.

    “I prefer to be hands-on..”

    “I’m looking for a team player…”

    Keristrasza always makes me sad. That sense of failure that I wasn’t strong enough to save her from her fate, that it’s all my fault.

    • Interesting way to look at Keristrasza. I felt as though a mistake got her in Malygos’ clutches and we’re basically puttering an end to her suffering. It’s all perspective, right?

      Speaking of which…I should really schedule a Malygos run at some point since I’ve never been. lol

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