11 comments on “First Week of Non-Retirement

  1. Effy’s stepping down as a judge? Noooo! I will miss her! And her shoes are too big for me to fill. 😦

    Also grats on all your achieves and things this week. You HAVE been a busy bee!

  2. Oh good! I wondered if there’d be a run Sunday, I’ll be there if you have room!

    Geez, I log in for a little while to use MogIt and I’m behind on reading again!

    • You’re good to go. Might be something tonight too as Effy and I crossed our wires, lol

  3. That’s a Hyjal raid on Sunday night? I’ll be there if I can, but we’ve got a prior social committment IRL this Sunday, so chances are I won’t be able to make it.

    • Aye that would be correct, so long as you have an Alliance toon to traverse it with (I can’t remember who all has what, lol).

      I’m trying to approach this scheduling as it will be there for folks who find themselves free. There’s no commitment ever required unless we list it as “Plan A is Bastion of Twilight if enough people sign up, otherwise we’ll do SSC and Gruul’s.”

      It’s kind of like a drop in centre. You know something will be happening on the occasions where you can make it.

      • Oh, somehow I missed the part where you already said that it would be Alliance-side /facepalm
        Alas, I don’t have any sufficiently high leveled Alliance toons to go traipsing through Hyjal 😦

  4. My my haven’t you been busy! Busiest ex quitter I ever saw 🙂
    That Keelhaul post was really good IMO. I wondered how someone who could give away a million gold could be nasty and condescending. Reading it now, he’s just an ordinary person like the rest of us, Who gets affected by trolls too.

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