13 comments on “Azerothian X-Men (Or Where I Swear At Nav)

    • Entertaining company is important. So is sleep…which try as I may just does not want to cooperate. I could probably make half a dozen more but that just seems a bit masochistic. lol

  1. Wow, you put me to shame JD. The piddly one hour I spent trying to do just 2 was enough to drive me nutty. Nice work with Jean Grey and Storm, and that Cyclops one is hilarious and really appropriate. And if this post is my fault I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for its awesomeness!

    • I would have said inspired by you, but I got so meticulous about it, I was muttering Redrum, or Navi, or something to that effect.

      Honestly, a couple of them I knew roughly what I was looking for and then it was a matter of a few pieces. I think Jean’s shoulders and Iceman’s outfit took the longest. I debated doing Wolverine with the Al’ar fist weapons but thought it didn’t look like quite the same natural extension.

  2. I was considering doing Phoenix at one stage but you’ve seen who I ended up doing. Well done on having a go at the mutant team.

    • Thanks. I like Cyclops and Storm the best. Well, and Professor X since, you know, I couldn’t put him in a chair I just made him as short as possible. lol

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