13 comments on “Breakfast Topic: Reincarnation

    • I also swore at a Hunter every time she and her cat ran away and left my pre-Vanish Rogue to die. A LOT.

  1. Although I am a deletist and I think the highest was around level 77 I would never restart my main. Like you said the leveling process has changed so much and is so fast it wouldn’t be the same.

    It’s probably changed but I remember hating the first 30 levels of my Druid. Now that they get cat form earlier it’s probably not so bad but just, no.

    You leveled as Holy? Geez, I wouldn’t go back either then, even if they paid me, lol!

    • Darn right. I honestly don’t understand how you can level to end-game with one spec, and then flip to something like healing without an adjustment period of some sort.

      I argued that by going Holy, I used my abilities all the time and thus knew them inside and out. Seems to me that’s like going through the ranks of hockey as a centre and then after you’re drafted to the NHL you go “nope, I’m going to be a goalie now.”

        • lol…my guild just asked if I’d switch my MS to Holy from Prot. I said sure but I’ve never healed with a Paladin.

          …way to make a liar out of yourself JD.

  2. The concept of “main” has been on my mind a lot lately. It is too similar to our own journeys… We can’t go back in time. But we can re-roll!

    • I’m nearly at a point where I genuinely have three main toons. In that, by main I mean they get the most end-game action. The Tauradin is almost 82 and will get to 85 to raid. Tum’s still my go to raider on Alliance side. But when it comes to new PvE content, Siori the Rogue has always been first.

      If ANYTHING, the once main Rogue will falter and the Tauradin/Priest combo will rule the land. But that would require me to get Mists. lol…

    • I can imagine it would be.

      One toon? You need to make a single Alliance toon so you can join us on the laid back stuff when we do the blue and yellow 😀

    • Navi, sometimes I wish I could go back to one–I envy my dear friend Kay who has two. Just two. And they are glorious. Like an over-populated world, my many characters cannot possibly all get the attention demand.

      • I hear you on that one. Haven’t touched really any of my Druids in ages…which is strange for me (and also explains why they aren’t higher levels.

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