9 comments on “Laid Back Loot Raids: May 12th

    • Hrm…I think if Tome, Effy, and I all happen to be in attendance the Mog Madness contestants from that round might just throw us from the top of Hellfire Citadel!

  1. I’m hoping to be there with my Warlock, but I may be a gibbering idiot curled up in a corner by then, lol. I’m doing something earlier Saturday that might cause that.

    OH! That would be perfect if it drops!

          • Aw, and I wanted to see you and Kamalia fisticuff it out for it!

            If it’s easier for you, just remember whether it’s Saturday or Sunday that we do something, the timeslot never changes. So this will be 8-10 (ish) same as Hyjal was last Sunday. I realize that still might not help you attend, but I thought it would be a helpful reference for the future.

          • Thanks, I’ll remember, this was caused by me forgetting it was Mother’s Day weekend. I remember to write stuff to remember on little notes and then never look at them, geez.

  2. I’m going to be out and about during the day on Saturday, but I have an 85 hordey, so you might see the original Shoryl (Taoiseach) around.

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