9 comments on “New Toon On A New Server – What To Do?

  1. There is a reason I consistently pick hunters. They are incredibly easy to play and very durable, and will do decent dps even in the hands of the most inexperienced whilst levelling.

    I’d argue that you are best set taking two gathering professions from the get go, if only as a way to earn yourself money for mounts and to buy bags. I’d say skinning and mining on my server is pretty much a given right now, and is likely to earn you not only enough money to buy Epic Flying at 70 if you require, but a decent selection of sparkly mounts along the way.

    Once you get to 85 and have a decent nest egg, I’d say going back and levelling summat like Enchanting is probably an easier task as you can overpower the content 😛

  2. Leather might sell pretty well, but skinning is a pain in the ass to level up compared to herbalism or mining. Low level herbs and ore have been great gold makers for me on new servers. You can gather as you go without having to go out of your way to grind skinnable mobs, and gathering from the nodes gives you bonus XP. I’d choose herbalism and mining over skinning anyday.

    I think it’s much better to start off with two gathering professions, since crafting profs are pretty much guaranteed to cost you gold to level. You suggest enchanting so you can DE unneeded gear, but enchanting tends to cause you to lose gold. Enchanters will feel pressured to DE everything they can, so they’ll be disenchanting the BoE greens they come across. BoE greens are actually a pretty steady cash flow on the AH, especially with the advent of transmog. And regardless of how much you disenchant as you level, you are not likely to find enough mats on your own to keep up with your enchanting. (Especially since the leveling process is so quick nowadays — even without heirlooms or guild perks.) Enchanting also has irritating stretches where it’s tough to find the mats to get the next few points. You have to worry about obtaining enchanting rods, which can be quite expensive. This means that Enchanters are going to need all the mats they can get just to level their own profession, leaving very little left over to sell on the AH. I’ve also found that the scrolls you make while leveling enchanting sell very poorly, since every other leveling enchanter is making them too and the AH is flooded with them.

    The first thing you should do on a new server is actually roll a DK. Questing through the DK starting zone will quickly net you a few gold from quest rewards. More importantly, DKs come with decent-sized bags and make excellent bank toons. You can also use the much higher level DK to help grind out mats if you need them for a crafting profession. (Like, make the DK the skinner and go around massacring low level mobs for leather. Much faster than doing it with a toon at level.) DKs are also a great choice if you want to do any fishing on a new server, because Path of Frost (which you get at level 61) is totally OP for fishing.

    I agree that Mages are really handy for getting around, and are probably the most convenient class to play. (Free food? Why yes, thank you!) But if it’s not the class that you want to play, then you’re not going to be happy on your new server.

    So, uh…. I guess I completely disagree with you on this topic, JD. Sorry about that. XD

  3. Hmmm, I have a baby Orc Mage and haven’t learned professions yet, maybe I’ll try that.

    The real problem is I’ve never managed to get a Mage beyond level 53. I suck at Maging, but who knows, maybe being an Orc will make all the difference!

  4. Interesting thoughts. I keep considering how I’m going to level my new toon when I get my 11th slot come mists. Maybe I’ll try a pandaren mage (after Gurdrid gets to 90, and all of my profs are maxed again – that should clear out the starting zones.)
    I frequently try and run my new toons quite bare-bones in terms of getting a head start – usually just bags, and maybe 5g. But maybe I’ll try out the idea of not giving my Panda any boosts at all (except being in the guild. I can’t help it, I’m just too loyal)

    • Yeah, I realized that after I wrote it. And you created her how many years ago? lol. You’re a visionary, you just can’t channel it 24/7 yet. 😉

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