13 comments on “The Profession Discussion

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter what I make, I have a least one of every profession maxed except Engineering and the only thing that reliably sells on this server for me are mysterious fortune cards.

    I don’t know if my server is full of degenerate gamblers or what, lol. Oddly, now that I think of it, while I sold leather while leveling I never think to try it now. Maybe I’ll go farm some and give that a shot.

  2. You are right that eventually you can earn back the gold you lose with Enchanting. However, if you’re starting off on a brand new server your most immediate concern is usually gold. You need gold for training, gold for mounts, gold for flying, gold for repairs, etc etc. And if you want to gear up your toon at 85 you’re going to need gold for gems and enchants.

    I have a toon of the opposite faction on my home server, and even though I *could* send her money through the AH, I don’t want to pay the neutral AH fee, so she’s generally on her own. Where my main doesn’t bat an eye at paying 1000g for an enchantment, that represents a huge amount to my cross-faction alt. However, she has mining/herbalism, and in a couple hours I can easily make enough to cover her costs. Enchanting is more time consuming and resource intensive to get started up in, even if the earning potential is greater long term.

    I personally hate wasted effort, and leveling a profession only to drop it and pick something else at max level feel like wasted effort to me. So what I would recommend on a new server is having one toon that’s a farmer and then make the next toon a crafter. (Or have two toons with one gathering profession each.) Unless your goal at max level is raiding, because that opens a whole new kettle of fish about what professions will give you the best stat boost.

    Speaking of stat boosts, I’m skeptical that the crit bonus from skinning is better than the haste bonus from herbalism. (Crit is obviously better than Stam from mining for most classes.) Most of the toons I play rate Crit at the very bottom of the priority list. So I think you’d have to take class and spec into consideration when deciding which boost to go for.

    Ultimately though, I think people should play whatever they want to play. If someone’s dream is to have an alchemist/engineer then they shouldn’t force themselves to choose the “best” new-server professions.

    • Agree completely on what you want to play. 🙂

      For shame on me, as I didn’t even know about the haste boost…all I could think of is Lifeblood.

      As for the further profession debate, I think the success also depends on server perhaps. It’s also about time management and each person could yield different results.

      • Herbalism still gives Lifeblood, but the spell was changed for Cataclysm. It used to be just a small heal, but now it’s an even smaller heal combined with a pretty nice haste buff. I love Lifeblood! 😀

        And yeah, I was also thinking it depends on how much time you want to spend playing the toon on your new server. In my opinion, if it’s an alt that you only play sporadically better to have gathering professions. But if you’re completely starting over again one gathering + one crafting might be better.

        As an aside, when I first started playing I took herbalism + alchemy and totally loved it. I got all these health and mana potions, plus a bunch of stat boosting things! It felt really helpful, and I pretty much used everything I made. Of course, leveling is a lot easier now, so I’m not sure baby toons get as much use out of alchemy now as I once did.

  3. Another thing to consider might be just how you are planning to level said alt. An alt who is leveling by questing is out in the world and can level two gathering professions easily. An alt who is leveling through LFD can’t sit in the city while they wait out their queue times if they want to keep up with their professions — they have to spend their queue times out gathering. My mage who leveled through LFD had long enough queue times to keep up with her Herbalism quite easily, but alts I am leveling through LFD as tanks or healers have to go grind their gathering professions periodically to get caught up. Enchanting/Tailoring might work better for an LFD alt than a questing alt because there are more possibilities to get cloth and stuff to DE, maybe?

    • That’s a really good point. Hmm, I wonder if Tailoring would be one of the easier professions to level through the dungeon finder, since I imagine you’d get a fair bit of cloth that way.

      • Yep, and cloth is also one of the most volatile markets. So if you catch it on the dirt cheap swing, you can level it easy enough when you need to buy a few points.

    • Also, an alt who’s farming rares will also outlevel professions incredibly quickly (as I’m starting to discover in Tirisfal)

      • Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to NOT outlevel things too quickly these days. I started leveling Frank without heirlooms because I wanted to experience the story in the Forsaken starting area and quests were going grey for him before leaving the zones anyway. *sigh* So I figure I might as well throw the heirlooms on him and just stick around in the zones until I feel like leaving.

    • Actually, I recently thought of having people on a server where each one had their crafting profession of choice and then there were two or so gatherers in the guild. A collective effort would be made to profit, including building and selling transmog sets on the side. Then I realized it would be the equivalent to a WoW department store and I doubted anyone else would want to be part of it.

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