9 comments on “Ask The Amateur!

  1. Maybe it’s because you and Ancient both start with “A” but ask the amateur and ask the ancient have a nice ring to it IMO. Hmm, my suggestion for this segment? Advice from the Amateur? hmm, maybe not quite the same….

  2. The Amateur’s Mailbag? Question Me? Amateur Advice? Hmm… I got nothing.

    But… you’re kidding me, right? There was a transmog-like component to wrestling games? Isn’t that like, some macho thing? That’s so breaking all the stereotypes. I love it! XD

    • Seriously, YouTube Create-A-Wrestler and you’ll see all the games in the past decade have the option. Think about it, you’re playing a wrestling game and the chance to make your own…to say nothing of players who would essentially create their own roster.

  3. I do have a question and it’s in your area of expertise but it’s the wrong game! Last night I couldn’t figure out if I should spend money on blacksmithing in D3 or not so it’s a profession question.

    • This actually isn’t an area of my expertise, simply because I know very little about Diablo. However, from what I gather from Khizzara’s guide you do want to level your blacksmith when you have the chance because he’s the one making your gear for you. I could be wrong.

      Eventually I might be helpful in this regard, but not yet. Khizzara as well as Laz and Effy are probably much more viable sources of wisdom at this time.

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