My “May Moment”

On Thursday I posted a new monthly challenge called A Moment In Time.  You can check out the details here, and then feel free to continue as I indulge you with my assessment of our friend here:

“I’m too old for this nonsense,” Gordok thought to himself.  In his eleven years with the Orgrimmar Guard he had fended off the Burning Legion, the Alliance, dragons, and even the occasional riot. 

“You’re nothing but a street rat.  A common, lowly, street rat.” He grunted, as if he expected that bastard Goblin to hear him.  “You’ll always be a street rat.  Worst thing Warchief Garrosh ever did was allow your kind into the Horde…”

Where in Doomhammer’s name was that little bugger?  Three hours earlier Gordok had been doing his routine patrols through The Drag when he saw the Goblin lift a necklace clean off a Blood Elf who had been on her way to convene with the other dark magick practitioners.  After years of seeing it first hand, Gordok knew an enchanted item when he saw it and damned if he was going to let a Goblin take off with it, not only on his watch but in his patrol area!  If word got back to Commander Vulk that the little pissant got away…no, he’d rather not think of such things. 

He squinted a moment when he spotted the rotten thief once more, taking off towards the Valley of Strength.  “Oh no you don’t…”

2 thoughts on “My “May Moment”

  1. Navimie May 19, 2012 / 10:15 am

    I think everyone is taking the “he’s annoyed or pissed off” path!

    • JD Kenada May 19, 2012 / 2:53 pm

      He’s an Orc. Really, how many more emotions do they have?

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