10 comments on “Kungaloosh From A Bartender

    • No, it was Victoria Day here in Canada Day. Every year I hold a barbecue for our family and friends to celebrate my birthday. Some refer to it as Meat-a-palooza. Also, I was busy most of the day Saturday. As such, the Amateur had a break from pretty much all things WoW.

      Even my DS run to get my Rogue her daggers last night failed because we lost power for several hours just before bedtime.

      • Whew, at least I can talk to you. Mac won’t let me comment on many other blogs.

        Hope you had a great Meat-a-palooza! I did flip your Birthday Fortune Cards and felt better when they’re weren’t any good ones. Would have felt awful if one had been the 5,000 card lol!

        • Nothing to feel awful about. I would’ve picked some awesome piece of gear or a pet and told you to buy it for yourself as a gift to me. 😀

  1. LOL I first thought, crap my computer is playing up the picture is blurry…
    That is a cool recipe 🙂 And if I ever visit you in the US you’re so making me one of those.

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