12 comments on “Mountgasm

  1. Hmmm, a turtle wouldn’t be my first choice as a mount, but they kind of appropriate for the Pandaren. I’m pretty okay with anything, just anxious to know when it’s getting here.

  2. Huh…was kind of wishing for a big, furry yak. Is that a yak? Can’t really tell. Think they need to go back to the drawing board on Worgen mounts and do gypsy horses.

  3. Looks like a cross between a turtle and a kodo to me. I’m down with that. The picture on WoWInsider that shows them with open mouths is kind of cute — would be more awesome if they breathed fire, though 😛

  4. Like Matty, I definitely would have preferred a yak. I mean, dragon turtle…I just tried to imagine it flying around breathing fire and guarding a cave full of gold and doing other dragony-type stuff and then my brain started hurting. =/

  5. I thought it was a turtle. I think that a turtle would suit the race with the whole Kung Fu Panda theme that seems to be going on with it. Dragon turtle, ok I can see that maybe. But really what other asian type things can they have with those gold dragons, pandas…. what else can carry a chubby panda anyway, right?
    No yaks. Yaks spit and do yukky splotty poos.

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