11 comments on “Friday Top 5: Mists of Pandaria

  1. You’ve managed to sum up my sentiments, as well. The only addition I would add is are the new landscapes–I have managed not to go to spoiler posts, but out of the corner of my eye some of the new scenary looks amazing.

    • Has the means of obtaining it been announced? I just haven’t seen much regarding the yaks thus far.

  2. I don’t think I can pick just one thing. I love the no limit on dailies, new lore, new beautiful places to explore, I can’t wait. I hope those people guessing August release are correct.

    • August seems about right at this point. At least, far more likely than July.

      That said, I can see Blizzard holding off to see when the release date for GW2 is announced. Blizzard has a track record of trying to cut the thunder from other MMO companies (not that I blame them).

  3. I almost didn’t come because I was afraid of spoilers, but it’s not spoilers really. So I’m happy JD.
    Hmm, in terms of what I’m looking foward to… OMG can I say everything?? And this sounds crazy (but that is rather normal for me as you know) but I want to see these 100,000 waterfalls achievement and am dying of curiosity how you count or keep track of them or however many waterfalls it is.

    • Yeah, any time I post something I consider a spoiler then I mention it off the hop and include a cut. I didn’t feel anything I posted fell under that.

      Waterfalls? I wonder if the ones in Nagrand and Elwynn forest will count…

  4. “… otherwise you’ll have people like myself who will flip it on the standard auction house for a ridiculous amount of profit.”

    I love that you FULLY ADMIT TO IT.

    • I admit to stuff like that all the time. I also even showcase some of the ways I do it (ok, most, just not recently). Not my fault some folks still don’t catch on.

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