12 comments on “A Cloudy Day Is No Match For A Sunny Disposition

  1. I so wanted to be there for that one but daughter’s birthday celebration interfered. And ah oh, attuned you say? I’d better look into that in case you decide to do it again so I’ll be ready!

  2. I will admit I was feeling bad about being a big sponge; but at the same time, it wasn’t about who I was playing, it was about being there. And as you might have guessed by the way Gurdrid just plowed through the rest of the instance, I’m much more confident on her. 🙂 (Did you catch the “Oh, I don’t have enough mobs, let me taunt you, too, mr . Corehound?” )

    Also, Gurdrid got some nice *not so gol-darned shiny* gold and silver boots. I think they will become a ceremonial set for her. She just thinks Tier 1 is so bright! She’s too busy slaying dragons and demons and elementals (oh my!) to shine her armor like Shoryl does all the time.

    • I forgot about those boots…

      Honestly, I never have a problem with what level people bring. I wondered from the get go if we might be a touch underpowered and that’s why I was more than willing to switch it up. Figures, the one night no one was bringing an 85, lol.

  3. Well, serves me right for only having enough time to cap out VP on my own paladin and leaving before the shoulder piece dropped. I have run MC so many times, but was all left-footed yesterday, including becoming attuned, which was someting I could have done in my sleep a few weeks ago. Sigh – big sigh. Apologies for leaving, but promise next time I’ll be more organized. Grand fun, as always~!

    • No worries about leaving. Or the attunement. No one really thought of it (shrug). Plus, the Warlock is attuned now and can summon. 😀

      And, yes, the gear was pretty much all Mage, Druid, and Rogue gear more than anything. I did get Shadowstrike, though. We’ll see if I build something for it…

  4. I had fun playing with you guys, even though I’ve never grouped with anyone on my mage before and she is one sorely neglected toon. It was great to meet Shoryl (and I have never looked at her blogroll before so I was stunned to see myself on it so I quickly had to fix my own blogroll) and I have just realised who Carla Doak is (OMG slow much) wondering if that was Mrs Amateur (which clearly it was if I bothered to think properly, I was thinking she was a guildie ><) so…

    I think I'd better stop writing before I shove the other foot into my mouth..

    • Honestly, it was just “most excellent” to have you along. I think back to the people who came on the two runs during my near retirement and the more I can do things with the folks from both sides (Horde & Alliance), the merrier!

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