6 comments on “Illidan Bless Crendor!

  1. I’m not a big FB fan either. I don’t have an account but my dog does. He didn’t realize that he’d be inundated with requests to send stuff to everyone for their FB games. He hates FB games, he wants to kill and eat them all. STOP with the requests. STOP!

    Oops, sorry, I was channeling my dog there for a minute.

  2. Of course as soon as I clicky, no linky. Stupid YouTube. Mark Zuckerberg or whatever his name is probably did that. He and Rupert Murdoch are having lunch somewhere, controlling the media universe. Probably the same folks who won’t let WordPress and Google be friends.

    Was thinking of writing a post, but the other night logged in and saw one friend is getting divorced, one friend I suspect is, and the world has gone to hell once again. Its original purpose was grand for me: keep up with family in a one-stop-shopping place. The games – no. No. No. Too busy dancing with Dwarfs.

    • People used to tell me “oh, it’s a great way to connect with friends and family.” Problem is, I actually go out of my way to connect with the friends and family that I want to. I nave e-mail, and this archaic device called a telephone. Bad enough getting telemarketers…I don’t need to hate my friends for doing the same thing with their Facebook games.

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