4 comments on “The Week That Was

    • I’ll have to check again soon. Mine was tied for the lead, albeit with 4 votes and between four others.

  1. Thanks for the mention JD! It sure is a load off having finally finished that crazy challenge. Now I can stop neglecting my real guild — wooooooo! Poor guildies probably thought I died irl… :p

    (I do have one wee lil’ correction far ya…the other three to make it on Earthen Ring were on Earthen Ring (EU)) Captain Hindsight has since told me that I should have made my toons on Wyrmrest Accord or Moonguard. They have pretty healthy ironman populations. Things on Earthen Ring (US) have been really quiet for the past few weeks, and the ironman community is probably half the fun of being a part of the challenge.

    Oh! I checked out that mog contest and voted, lol some craaaazy outfits there!

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