12 comments on “Adjusting To The Auction House

    • There’s a difference between stocking to sell…and stocking period.

      Also, I may require your assistance. Ever heard of a shop called Alternate Worlds? I have no idea how big or hole in the wall it might be. I’m just considering making a purchase from them and might need a middle-woman. 🙂

  1. My problem is I don’t want to spend any money to make money, I’m always afraid I’ll get stuck with it. Nothing seems to sell right now although this server is always a little hinky to try to figure out. While I stood around scratching my head trying to figure out what sells I probably could have been doing dailies. Oh me, I will never be a AH mogul.

    • Start out small. Buy some Essence of Fire and Small Radiant Shards (depending on the price of course) and make scrolls Enchant – Fiery Weapon. Put up two or three at a time for 40g. If they don’t sell, then drop the price by 5g. If you’re undercut, undercut back. Using this example, so long as your profit exceeds your mats and 10% of your listing, you’re good to go.

        • I don’t check for it all the time, honestly. I know there’s players out there who’s soul purpose (no, that’s not a grammar error) is to just sit there and undercut. But if it ends up back in my mailbox after 24 hours I’ll usually see difference prices when I go to relist (if someone’s undercut me).

          • Ah, okay — I play that game, too. I usually list for 24 or 48 h, and if it comes back, I list it lower than whatever the new prices are.

          • `Tis one of many tricks I employ, depending on how aggressively I’m trying to make gold. At the moment? Not very. lol

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