12 comments on “Shared Topic: Three Items

  1. I still feel sentimental about my hunter Tallys and some of the things she’s collected, simply because she was my first main, like the original chain for the bow / staff.

  2. Getting the hilt is on my list of things I’d like. Just have to decide what character and get farming for one I suppose. The odd one pops up on the AH but I don’t feel I can spend my “yak” gold on it 😀

    I wanted Winterspring saber from the moment I set eyes on it but grinding for one as a Holy Priest in vanilla was rather painful. Have one now though and my Resto Druid rides hers everywhere.

    • Let’s be honest, grinding ANYTHING as a Holy Priest is rather painful.

      Indeed, I had a hilt drop once and sold it. Then as my gold wealth went up, and I came across two for 8k, I bought one for myself and another for our guild tank at the time. She used to run people through all kinds of stuff and do just about anything for the guild. She was also an achievement junkie, so it was our way of saying “thanks.”

  3. I should go get a Wintersaber with Kaprikka so that the rest of my Alliance characters can enjoy it in Mists, too. It’s such a gorgeous kitty! Ketura had a little transporter accident a year and a half ago, or so, and got stuck as a Dwarf for a few weeks. She’d already obtained the Venomhide Ravasaur, so of course it got transformed into the Wintersaber. I made sure to take some good screenshots of it, and then after she got transformed back into a Tauren, she went out and tamed the purple tiger as a memory of that event.

    I would love to find a Battered Hilt and do the Quel’delar quest chain. I look for it on the AH occasionally, but haven’t seen one since late Wrath (when I couldn’t afford it). When my Paladin gets to max level and has obtained some decent gear, I might just have to go farm the Pit of Saron trash for it.

    • Or, you know, perhaps one night we’ll pause from Laid Back Raids and make it a night of Shoryl’s laid back dungeons. Break off into groups and go Hilt, pet, mount, achievement hunting!

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